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iPhone 12 is almost here, which means it’s the worst time to buy a new iPhone


We will find out on October 13th if this concept rendering of the iPhone 12 Pro from the YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone is correct.


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It’s official! Apple will host its next event on October 13. How to use see Tuesday’s virtual event live. This event should be about the new iPhone, which rumors say will be called iPhone 12. With the event just a day away, we are stuck in the “do not buy a new iPhone if you do not need it” zone. A new, massive leak at the end of last week only hinted at the possible prices of the iPhone 12 range, which may also lead your opinion.

Apple usually announces new iPhones in early September. And while the company definitely held an event last month, it was to be announced Apple Watch 6 and I KNOW as well as the new iPad and iPad Air. The October event is likely to launch the iPhone 12 and its siblings, including one iPhone 12 Mini.

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Even if you do not intend to buy an iPhone 12, it is a good idea to delay the purchase of a new iPhone. New iPhones mean that there will be discounts and approval prices on old models and if you do it right you can actually get a pretty good deal.

The prices of the iPhone 12 will be cheaper, more expensive, exactly the same

There are four new iPhone models expected. Just like the iPhone 11 generation, there will probably be an iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max along with a smaller phone called the iPhone 12 Mini. The prices for the new iPhones are expected to be the same, become more expensive and be cheaper. Sounds confusing, but let me explain.

Currently the base iPhone 11 costs $ 699, bases 11 Pro costs $ 999 and base 11 Pro Max costs $ 1,099. The new iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will likely be priced at exactly the same price as their older iPhone 11 counterparts. This means that if you were thinking of buying an 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max in about a week, you should be able to attach an iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max for the exact same price.

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The iPhone 12 Mini is expected to cost $ 649 (that’s $ 50 cheaper than the iPhone 11) and the iPhone 12 is likely to come in at $ 749 (that’s $ 50 more than the 11). However, these prices are not really supported by the latest leak.

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Apple event confirmed for October 13, Facebook and Twitter …


iPhone 11 will fall in price

For several years, Apple has kept last year’s models and sold them at a discount. Currently, you can get the 2018 iPhone XR for $ 599. After the iPhone 12 event, there is a good chance that Apple can keep the iPhone 11 around and drop the price to $ 599.

As for the iPhone 11 Pro, it’s harder to tell if Apple will continue to sell it or the iPhone 11 Pro Max after the new iPhones are announced. When the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro were announced last year, the company stopped selling the iPhone XS ($ 385 at Back Market) or XS Max ($ 624 at Back Market).

‘But I just bought a new iPhone’ or ‘I have to buy a new iPhone now’

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a new iPhone right now. If you have a broken phone and need a new one, do not wait for Apple to announce new iPhones. As said Apple’s typical return window is 14 days. Usually (this is not always the case) Apple extends the return window to 30 days when a new product / updated product is announced. This means that if you just bought an iPhone 11 for $ 699 and Apple starts selling them for $ 599, you can get back $ 100 or return the phone immediately. Warn that if you opened a new line with an operator and returned a phone call, you must check with them to cancel the new line.

If you have your iPhone through an operator or non-Apple store, find out what their return policies are.

IPhone SE is the exception

Earlier this year, Apple announced $ 399 iPhone SE. And it is very unlikely that Apple will announce a new iPhone SE next week. That said, if you buy an iPhone SE directly from Apple and a new version is announced, you’re still in the 14-day return window and should be fine.

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