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Keep your computer and your cash safe from technical support scammers.

Last year, the FTC received nearly 143,000 technical support fraud reports. It has warned people about this kind of scam for many years. But some information in the FTC's newest Consumer Protection Data Spotlight was an eye-opener.

People 60 and over were about five times more likely than younger people reported losing money on this scam, even though they were less likely than younger people to say that they lost money on many other types of fraud.

The FTC has raised many cases against technical support, including a case just announced against Elite IT.

With our law enforcement partners at the Ministry of Justice, other federal and state offices and international colleagues, we are struggling to protect older adults. And this is part of the largest nationwide anti-fraud campaign focusing on technical support fraud.

Visit ftc.gov/techsupportscams to see, hear, and read how to help the people you care about and avoid these scams ̵

1; and get tips on what to do if you were deceived. Want a quick, divisible (and writable) snapshot of how to discover technical support streams? Check out this technical support scam infographic.

Do you need more incentives? This is a compelling list of how Donald Holmes of Arizona met a technical support scam, and what he did about it.

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