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Magic Leap Releases Game of Thrones Experience for all Magic Leap One Users «Magic Leap :: Next Reality

It turns out that the video Magic Leap was released earlier today was really a teaser for the publication of Game of thrones experience for all Magic Leap One users.

Available now for download in the Magic Leap World section, the app is a free download that lets you enter the world of Game of Thrones for the first time in enhanced reality.

"Created in collaboration with HBO, this is the truncated version of the entire Thrones game " The Dead Must Die ", a Magic Leap experience available in selected AT&T stores," reads the initial message to the experience in the app.

"We present customizable site-based design by creating a portal that transforms your space … With high fidelity character interaction, you get as close as you can to a crazy White Walker. Experience the transformative power of spatial computing in it this new immersive meeting and join the fight for t he lives wherever you are. "

Picture of Magic Leap / YouTube

Also the creation of the experience remains true for the aesthetics of the HBO series. Before you begin, you are asked to look at a series of golden rings around your game space. You are then asked to stare at them until they are frozen with ice, indicating that the spatial marker has been set.

Then you have the opportunity to choose which wall you want the portal in the north to open up on. Like Dr. Greenland invaders, the spatial mapping is flawless, and soon the chosen dike has begun to freeze over and crack.

When the crack is finished, as you might expect, a White Walker goes through. But just before that, you get the chance to take a dragon glass dagger used for your defense. As the white walker penetrates, your survival is up to you. I leave it as a surprise, but if you've seen season 8, section 3 of the Thrones game the result is very similar.

It's short but extremely engaging dive into the world of Game of Thrones for hardcore fans. And while it's not as fully framed by physical props as AT&T in business experience, the app is still extremely well done and a huge piece of fan service for those who still shudder from the latest episode in the last season Games of Thrones .

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