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Make the most of your shopping holiday

amazon prime day

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is almost here, running from October 13-14. While you can probably just stumble in and try to take some great deals, you will plan ahead to make the most of Amazon’s great vacation.

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Below we share some of our favorite Amazon Prime Day tips.

Sign up now if you do not already have Amazon Prime

To participate in Amazon Prime Day, you need a subscription to Amazon Prime, but you do not necessarily have to pay for it. Amazon is offering a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime that you can use for Prime Day. Remember that you only qualify if you have not had Prime in the last twelve months (or ever).

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When the sale is over, you can cancel Prime and you will not be charged anything, but there are actually many good benefits to Prime so you may want to think about keeping the subscription.

Sign up for Amazon Prime

Do not forget student or Medicaid discounts

If you are a qualified college student or a Medicaid recipient (or EBT), you do not have to pay full price. If you qualify, you only pay $ 6.99 per month or $ 60 per year. Students can even sign up for a free 6-month trial period.

Make sure you get a good deal by using third party tools

camelcamelcamel logo

Not all Prime Day offers are created equal. To ensure that you get the best possible deal, we recommend that you use a third-party pricing tool such as Camelcamelcamel or Keepa to see price history. PriceBlink is also good to see if another store has the same item for cheaper.

Not all products on Amazon are good either. We recommend FakeSpot to see if an Amazon product has a large percentage of fake reviews.

Do not forget to get on the waiting list and sign up for alerts

The best deals usually go fast. To secure a place in the line, you want to join the waiting list and check back regularly to see if the item becomes available. You can even sign up for a warning so you don’t necessarily have to do things manually.

Remember that when an item is in your shopping cart, you have 15 minutes to check it out or the item will be removed from your shopping cart and you may just miss your chance a lot.

You only have 15 minutes to check out an offer, otherwise it will be taken out of your shopping cart.

Get the Amazon app now

While you can probably only go to the Amazon Prime Day offer page, the best way to track offers is to use the Amazon app. The app also gives you notifications about new and upcoming offers.

Download the Amazon app here!

Pay attention to Lightning deals so you do not miss it

Amazon Prime Day consists of a mix of full day deals (at least until deliveries dry) and limited time contracts, so-called Lightning Deals.

Lightning Deals runs out fast, so you want to keep an eye out. If you find that an agreement you want has been 100 percent claimed, you may still have a small chance if you add yourself to the deal’s waiting list. As mentioned earlier, customers have a limited time to buy and if someone does not get the deal on time, you can stop cutting their place.

Look out for rival offers

Target offers Flickr / Lori Whelan

Because Amazon is so huge in the online shopping industry, it has a fair share of rivals. Walmart, Target and Best Buy have all announced rival sales to compete with Prime Day.

Unlike Prime Day, these offers do not require subscriptions. In short, it is very possible that some of the things offered during Prime Day will be bestowed by a rival so that you want to keep an eye out.

Take team sales with a family member

With Amazon Prime, you can share your Prime account with another adult in your household or even your children. While the latter needs permission to make purchases, the other adult can do whatever they want. This means you can tag team agreements and split the list of what you want to go for.

Some other Amazon Prime Day tips and considerations

Amazon Prime Day tips

While these are the biggest and most obvious tips, there are some other Amazon Prime tips worth considering:

  • Plan ahead. If you know what you want from Amazon before the sale or offers are announced, you can better prepare. Obviously, impulse buying is a big part of Prime Day, but if you need the new TV or Amazon Kindle, it pays to bookmark or set alerts ahead. You should also make a list of great ticket items that you hope to catch, especially if you notice sales with someone.
  • Set reminders or select the calendar. It’s easy to forget things, so set up a Google Calendar alert, circle your old school calendar or whatever you need to do to remember the big sales day!
  • Amazon’s credit card gives you a credit limit for the big sales and also earns you five percent back on Amazon purchases, as long as you obviously have a Prime membership.
  • If you want even more savings, you can send two days shipping. Usually, you get smaller things like a $ 1 reward for spending on digital purchases like ebooks and apps, but it can still add up.
  • Prepare your food list for Prime Day. Prime members who spend at least $ 10 on Whole Foods on October 12 or earlier receive a $ 10 Amazon credit to use for the sale.

These are our Amazon Prime Day tips for 2020. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the event next week.

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