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Make your home screen photo widget only a photo or specific album in iOS 14 instead of random photos every hour «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget hack

Your iPhone’s new home screen widgets are amazing – until they’re not. Photos in particular are a big disappointment. It gives you a taste of your favorite photos being displayed along with your apps but destroys it by changing the photo randomly every hour without your input. While nothing can be done with the Photos widget, there is a way to get the photos you want to see on your home screen.

Since the release of iOS 14, third-party app developers have been launching lots of new widgets that work on the Home screen and Today View, many of which are intended for individual apps. And some of them were quick to “fix”

; things that Apple lacked in their own widgets. We focus on third-party apps that sound you select which image or images you want to appear on your home screen widget and when.

Step 1: Select a third-party widget app

When it comes to choosing a third-party widget, you definitely have a choice. Some allow you to set multiple images on a widget, while others allow you to add text. Some others also let you add calendar information. If all you’re looking for is a virtual image frame on your home screen, you’ll probably be happy with any widget, whether it’s bare or advanced.

Some of the available third party photo widgets

  • Custom Widgets – Photo & Text: You can have a total of three images, one per widget. You can make variations on these widgets with the photo in a different position, by adding a background color or by using an analog clock, text or the current date on top.
  • Home photo widget: You can add a seemingly unlimited number of images to the app and then create a static widget for each one.
  • Medallion – Photo Widgets ($ 0.99): You select an album for each widget, how many new images you want to see from it, and how often it should rotate the images.
  • MemoWidget (Memo & Photo Widget): You select one photo per memo, and it can be the entire widget. But you can also add text to it, make the photo brighter and adjust it differently.
  • Photobox widget: You get a widget in three different sizes, and you can select multiple images for the one that rotates randomly through your selected images every ten minutes. You can add a message and edit photos.
  • PHOTO ALBUM (photo widget): You create an album for each widget you want to create, with as many photos as you want in each. You can change the brightness of the image, the rotation time and display the album name of the widget.
  • Photo widget: You create albums that can hold up to six photos each, and you can view multiple photos at once in split view and grid.
  • Photo Widget: You can add a photo or multiple photos to just one widget (in three different sizes). You can change the photo refresh rate, add or remove the date overlay, and add or remove the title overlay.
  • Photo Widget – Pin Photo: You can have widgets with just one image each or one for albums that rotate images every minute. You can also add a title for each widget.
  • Photo Widget: Simple: You create albums with as many photos as you want and then add a widget for each. And there are six time interval options for rotating images for each widget.
  • Photo Widget – The best ever: You can add one or more photos to each widget, and you can set a widget to use one of your photo albums. They rotate on your custom timer for multiple photos, and you can set each widget to open a website when you tap it.
  • Photo widgets: You can create albums (lists) for each widget you want to create, and they can contain one or more images each. You can change the rotation interval (there are nine options) and compensate the main photo so that you see more from the list in the background. Photos can be displayed in order (and rearranged) or shuffled, and you can add a date or memo to each widget.
  • PictureWidget: You add photos to the app five at a time. For the home screen widget, only one image is displayed. There are more customization options available for the old style widget.

For this article, we will demonstrate “Photo Widget.” If you choose any of the others listed above, it will probably be intuitive enough to figure out based on how they all work in general.

Step 2: Select your photo

Once you have installed the selected app on your iPhone, open it. From here, you should see some type of “add” button. In Photo Widget. It is located at the top right. Tap it, give the app permission to view your iPhone’s gallery if prompted, and you will see the photo selector displayed. Here you can view all the photos in your Photos app, including all your albums.

To select the photo you want to use, just tap it. While you can select multiple images, the widget will scroll through your options, rather than just displaying one of the images. When you are satisfied with your selection, just press Add.

Step 3: Disable “Show date in widget” (optional)

By default, “Photo Widget” is. shows the date in your photo widget. If you like that idea, skip down to step 4. But if you want a simple, clean photo on your home screen, you want to disable the feature. Just go to Settings and then disable the switch next to “Show date in widget.”

Step 4: Add your widget

Finally, you are ready to add your widget to the home screen. To do so, long press on the background of the home screen until you enter jiggle mode, and then press the plus (+) button. Find the Photo Widget now. It can appear directly as a suggested widget, but if not, you just need to scroll down and select it from the list.

Once done, you will see your three widget sizes (small, medium and large). When you find the one you like, tap “Add widget” or drag the widget directly to your home screen wherever you want.

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