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MCU Timeline: View each Marvel movie and show in perfect order

You've probably seen most of Marvel's movies, but what about the TV series? Timelines in World Series and Movies may be more than a little confusing. And now, as we approach the culmination of more than a decade of movies and phase 3 in the recently named Infinity Saga, it may well become increasingly confusing.

Will Marvel Studios ever slow down? (Will it?)


After more than a decade of movies, television shows, shorts and postcredit scenes, there is much to work through in MCU.

The editorial note, March 28, 2019: It has finally happened, we have reworked the entire * whole timeline. * Please continue to lie in the comments on how big or horrible it is! And if you're looking for streaming some MCU movies, we can help . Do you think you've found a mistake? Let us know in the comments!

So that you can either fill in the gaps before Endgame, to just watch all the show for fun, or even just try to impress your friends, we have created a timeline for what Marvel President Kevin Feige has now called The Infinity Saga in perfect viewing order. Or maybe you just care about where Captain Marvel fits in (tip: this is not where you are going!)

Marvel Cinematic Universe called the entire franchise, also sometimes Contains connected properties as film binding acts or shorts. For the graphics, we have released smaller features and stuck in the big two films and shows, but there are more sweets underneath.


Sean Enzwiler / CNET

OK, now before you turn into anger about some of the latest movies' placement, please keep two super, mega-important things in mind:

MCU postcredit scenes don't matter

Seriously, mid and the postcredited scenes are nothing but fun throwaways, or in-canon nodes for hard-working fans. Even Marvel himself has literally rewritten older scenes with new films. Provided that Feige and other managers of Marvel Studios thought of the following 10, 20 or even 30 years of MCU movies is initially a bit presumed and completely ignores the fun ones the directors have said that they had these scenes.

It is bonkers to believe that these films should only be viewed or experienced in a single way. I think this is the best way to see the franchise, yes. Will I one day introduce friends and family using this CNET method? OF COURSE. But that doesn't mean it's right for you.

My colleague Sean Keane has graciously ranked all MCU postcredited scenes for you (but if that would help, we may also be able to develop a timeline of which to watch and when). I can't say enough times for first-time viewers: Ignore all the postcredit scenes (just watch the fun ones your friends tell you). Especially when you look at this order, do not check Ant-Man and the Wasp credit scenes or you will be very confused.

And for your next big question …

  Captain-Marvel-Blue-Tint-Promo "height =" 1080 "width =" 1920 "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/ img / DkuvJWP2sRl4qAQ16aA9tL-sa9M = / 1920x1080 / 2019/02/01 / 01bd2d4c-bfa0-4416-a9cc-92cdde9d5e9f / captain-marvel-blue-tint-promo.jpg

Marvel Studios, composite of Chelsea Shi / CNET

Captain Marvel does not belong to chronological order

Not really, hear me out!

Captain Marvel is the first true origin story (which she was not seen in a Marvel movie earlier) since the 2016 Doctor Strange, but the film also gives fans a new look at Agents Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, as well as Tesseract. If you followed a chronological clock order for your first ever show of these MCU movies, you would have so many questions to watch the movie right after Captain America's first outing.

In the film, Verse takes years to discover her true identity and by waiting to watch her history with the context and the nuance of 18 previous films you give yourself a treat. It's fun to bask in the fun with many jokes, "A-ha!" Moments and Fury backstory you probably wouldn't have cared for 17 movies then.

In this order, Captain Marvel is the treat you get before the Infinity War prequel which is Thor: Ragnarok . [19659008] Despite what order you stop experiencing these movies, you should save yourself a few hours and definitely still note that The Incredible Hulk can still be run and even William Hurt ("Thunderbolt "Ross himself" admitted it. When he spoke to IGN 2015, Hurt says that "[Ross in Civil War] is different because it is a different style … And what they have done is that they have taken a character that was Ross from the older film and made a new version. is a much newer Ross, a very different Ross. "After looking at both, we can confirm that this is really the case.

You will also notice that shorts and Marvel One Shots are missing from the graphics. These short videos were originally created as stand-alone stories to give backstory for characters or things seen in the movies; two of them would later be full-fledged exhibitions.

Marvel One Shots

Title, release date Takes place …
Consultant (September 2011) At the end of Iron Man 2
A funny thing happened on the way to Thor's Hammer (Oct 2011) Directly before Thor
Number 47 (September 2012) Immediately after the Battle of New York in Avengers
Agent Carter (Aug 2013) One year after Captain America: The First Avenger; before Agent Carter
Alla Hail King (Feb. 2014) about two years after Iron Man 3; before S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel Webisodes

More continuity in MCU

There is definitely continuity feeling when you have both movies and TV series, and those shown on the graphics are no exception.

Season 1 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. saw the release of two Marvel films and had to contend with incorporating these sites. Airs after the release of Thor: The Dark World, section 8 of the S.H.I.E.L.D. happens definitely after these events.

  doctoral "height =" 0 "width =" 370 "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/img/QYXwUy3KevXDyCoLi8S1O0IRSxQ=/370x0/2017/06/21/a6c564b4-a12d-48f9 -b37c -b0fa716fdf58 / doctor-strange.jpg

Doctor Strange definitely does not own room before the winter soldier, absolutely not.


Later in the same season, episode 16 moved the same weekend as the release of Captain America: Winter Solider and in a nice piece of continuity presented the events at S.H.I.E.L.D. takes place almost the same time as the movie. (Some say that section 16 comes before the winter soldier, and you can safely treat it as such. The absolute best way to see them would be at the same time but I haven't seen anyone do that fan editor yet.) [19659016] Netflix's Daredevil and Jessica Jones also have wibbly-wobbly timelines. Early in the series, the Battle of New York is called the Incident, and it is said that it occurred about two years earlier. But because of the show's lack of interaction with any big screen Marvel character, it can happen almost anywhere on the timeline between Thor: A Dark World and Avengers: Age of Ultron. In our timeline we placed it simultaneously with the second season of S.H.I.E.L.D. to stay closer to the time it was actually released.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is higher up than you might have expected it depends on the number of years that the movie says has gone, which means that it only takes place a few months after the first movie.

Some say that doctors strange should come before the winter soldier because of a certain roof terrace. A rabbit hole an IGN editor has already been completed and debunked. So weird stay where it is. (But over time manipulation up to grip now, who really knows?)

A frequent question about the timeline is why Captain America: TFA is first. This is just my opinion, but I think Steve Rogers is growing up first, followed by seeing Agent Carter's story, is a great way to start as MCU foray. It's a case that he's the most important Avenger, and if you agree with it or not, it's worth jumping in with him first.

As for the second most issue: No, Iron Man 2 should not come before the Incredible Hulk because of the short consultant. The short was released much later on Thor DVD in an effort to simply replenish the big line. I say 100% if anything should move, it's time when you look so short – maybe put it after Iron Man 2 instead and it helps. Yes, I'll make that change on the list with a shot that should help.

Past Infinity Saga

Years ago Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told me Diversity is very important to wonder: "You are watching any of our movies and they have been very different" he said. "We feel that we are just doing justice to the books by representing it fully."

After Black Panther and Captain Marvel s performances at the box office, all bets are suspended for the MCU's future. Their record-breaking record-setting origin stories broke all the superhero story rules – and here Marvel hopes to continue doing so.

Look forward to Endgame, the only movie we know is surely this summer's Spider-Man: Far From Home . However, we have a whole mess of "confirmed" movies according to Deadline, THR and more. Input and rumor coming movies for the next phase / saga of MCU include:

Marvel at Netflix, and Disney + the future

Netflix Marvel still usually shows outside the theaters. ABC tried to jump back into the game with Inhuman's but the bad scores mean that any whisper of a second season is thankfully absent. PROTECT. has a new season set to premiere after Endgame, but no teaser or word yet on how it will handle … lots of deaths (spoilers).

New Marvel shows are now quite consistently popping up, but only a few are within the MCU cannon. Cloak & Dagger second season starts in May on Freeform; Marvel's New Warriors is theoretically still floating around somewhere? In November 2017, the THR revealed that it was trading on networks, but no word of which it would end (maybe Disney +?).

We recently learned Marvel's Runaways on Hulu will return for a third season, but the same cannot be said for Marvel-Netflix's properties. Despite the critical satisfaction of some of the programs, all Netflix originals have been interrupted.

Will they ever return? Never say never, but chances seem narrow. Instead, hope for a new reincarnation of the characters on the upcoming Disney + streaming service .

The development of the Marvel universe is extraordinary (have-has) and as the comedian giant introduces new fans to new characters (some people had no idea who Doctor Strange was a few years ago) and partners with cable TV and Netflix to expand further, we could see some rather epic mating, teams and characters coming out of the woodwork.

What characters would you like to see in Marvel's not yet announced but but inevitable next phase on both the small and large screen? Let us know in the comments.

This part was originally published April 30, 2015 and is now on its 47th revision (more or less).

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