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Microsoft does the thing for the Surface Duo in a 35-minute demo – Review Geek

Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay holds and shows a Surface Duo

Microsoft is now taking pre-orders for its latest phone. No, not another Windows Phone, an Android phone. The Surface Duo is the first Surface-branded phone, and in our opinion it is Microsoft’s attempt to launch a new category of PC. But do not take our word for it! You should check out this 35-minute demo video from Microsoft.

Microsoft originally recorded the video for journalists as a stand-in for the regular events it holds when they release new products. You̵

7;ll see Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay show off his brand passion for the latest Microsoft innovation, the Surface Duo.

Surface Duo looks like a collapsible at first glance, thanks to its dual-hinge hinge, but it is not. It’s something closer to a multi-tasking pocket computer you bring with you. As Panos mentions several times, “it’s Android, but you can feel Windows in there.” Much of it comes from how it handles the dual screen system. Microsoft wants you to use multiple apps and that these apps work together.

Instagram and Twitter side by side on a Surface Duo

That fact is obvious during the app group’s demo. You can select two apps and group them, creating an icon that resembles folders, but only for those two apps. When you tap the icon, it opens both apps, each on a screen. The idea is to connect two apps you may want to use.

One example was OneNote and Kindle; apparently Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella uses that app group to take notes while you read. Another example is a recipe app and a Microsoft To Do. You can drag the ingredient list from a recipe to the To Do app to create an instant shopping list.

Several Surface Duos with different colored bumpers.

Microsoft filled the video with other demonstrations of how the screens work together and how the Surface Duo works with the PC to make it more useful when working from home or in the office. And if you stick to the end, you will see a hint of colorful bumpers that the company has not announced yet.

If you’re still wondering what the Surface Duo is for, check out Microsoft’s video. You can get away inspired.

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