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Moment’s New Everyday Carry Bags are perfect for creators working everywhere – Review Geek

Moment Travelwear bag collection

Moment, which is popular with its smartphone camera lenses and other camera accessories, has announced a collection of new everyday carrying cases. Instead of focusing specifically on photographers, the Seattle-based company makes a backpack, tote, technology and battery organizers and a camera insert that can be used by all types of advertisements whether they work from home, a cafe or on the go.

Moment Travelwear backpack

The focus of the company’s Kickstarter campaign is Moment Travelwear (MTW) ​​Backpack. This almost non-assuming bag has a minimalist look while packing enough pockets and organization to make any gear pull happy. In addition, it is made of a robust, recycled Kodra fabric with a waterproof coating with double layers and waterproof zippers to protect everything you can drop around.

From the front of the backpack, you have a vertical zipper that opens to a pocket large enough for documents and other miscellaneous items, as well as a second, smaller inner zipper.

From there, you will find MTW Backpack’s main compartment. This section is large enough to throw in books, jackets, cameras or anything else you might want to bring. The flashless pocket here is great for throwing strings, sunglasses or other small accessories.

Torque Travelwear backpack open and packed

Finally, the rear compartment contains a laptop and tablet that is large enough to have a 16-inch laptop and a large tablet. There is also space for small accessories if you do not want to store them elsewhere in the backpack.

Other features hidden around the bag include a large water bottle pocket that sits flat when not in use, luggage lying on the back of the backpack and breathable padding on the shoulder straps and back.

The MTW backpack is available in two sizes – 17L and 21L – and is available in color, black, olive and clay. The bag will sell for $ 179, but pricing early birds on Kickstarter has it down to $ 149 for a limited time. Moment states that all Kickstarter items will be sent to the buyer sometime in November.

Moment Travelwear Tote

Moment Travelwear Fabric in colorways

Next time we have the MTW brand. This bag is similar to the backpack in material use and functionality. In addition to padded straps, a padded base and a zipper on the laptop, Tote has a zipper that keeps objects from falling out and prevents moisture from entering.

Moment Travelwear Tote open

As with the backpack, there are pockets in large. Inside the bag you will find minimal pockets that can be used to accommodate small accessories, a place for a water bottle and plenty of open space to pack a picnic, a change of clothes or anything else you might want to take with you. Externally, you will find hidden pockets that are closed with magnets or zippers that can be used for small objects that you need quick access to.

Just like with the backpack, the MTW Tote comes in black, olive and clay. Take it early from Kickstarter for $ 99 or wait until the bag is officially available and buy it for $ 119.99.

Moment Tech and battery organizers

Moment’s Tech Organizers are exactly what you think: small bags that are used to get the mess in order with cable, cables, SD cards, pens and more that you carry with you every day.

What helps this technical package to stand out from the crowd is the included Mini Tech Organizer. While you can overpack the organizer in full size with everything you own, you can only bring the essentials in the Mini. This is great for quick trips to a cafe where you do not want to carry every cord in your possession.

Moment Travelwear battery organizer

Moment also has a battery organizer. Like the Tech Organizer, the MTW Battery Organizer has SD card slots, a charger and a handful of batteries. Color-coded pockets that help you distinguish between charged and dead batteries make this bag unique.

Black is the only color option available for technology and battery organizers. The MTW Tech Organizer (which includes the Mini) is now available on Kickstarter for $ 49, while the Battery Organizer can be yours for $ 39. Both accessories will sell for $ 69.99 and $ 59.99 respectively.

Moment Travelwear Camera Insert

As pointed out at the beginning of the post, Moment wanted to make bags for creatives, not just photographers. But with the MTW Camera Insert, you can turn almost any bag into a camera bag.

The camera insert can be used as a protective bag for your photography equipment or an organizational unit. There are side handles in themselves that make it easy to pull in and out of bags. Inside a backpack (including Moment’s MTW backpack and fabric), you can remove the padding, roll up the lid and gain quick access to your gear.

Moment Travelwear camera insert

The insert has two divers that can be configured to divide the accessory space and separate your lenses from other objects. Each divider also has mesh pockets that can be stretched to house filters, lens covers and other small objects.

The MTW Camera Insert comes in black and costs $ 99.99 when it is officially released. You can buy it now for $ 79 during the Kickstarter promotion.

Check out Momentet’s in-depth overview video below if you are interested in learning more about the company’s collection of travel clothing bags and technical organizers.

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