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My New Favorite Sports Buds – Review Geek

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      Jaybird Tarah Pro

    Here's what we like

    • Can be used over or under the ear
    • They sound good
    • Super comfortable

    Jaybird has long been known for making good earplugs which are particularly suitable for training. Tarah Pro is no exception. These robust and comfortable knobs cross virtually every box on the checklist for perfect training.

    When it comes to choosing a solid set of wireless training programs, there are three main things that matter: fit / comfort, build quality and finally sound quality. As such, they will be the things we focus on in this review.

    Fit and comfort: When you find "Your" fit, they are amazing

      Jaybird Tarah Pro

    My biggest complaint about most earplugs – especially those intended for use during work – is that they just aren't comfortable. Or the fit sucks. Or they will not stay in my ears. Seriously, I have been using the same Bluetooth earplugs for training for the last five years . I destroyed a set of sweat so I bought another. Because they were the best I ever had when it comes to fit and comfort.

    Fit is the most crucial aspect of any workout. They may sound amazing, but if they hurt, will not stay or are generally just uncomfortable, I will not wear them. Period. When I practice, I want to focus on … exercise and not on my earplugs.

    When I first tried Tarah Pro, I was less than enthusiastic about the fit. Then I tried to train with them – I am a cyclist, so I have tested these with indoor training (no earplugs on the road for safety reasons!) Where I sweat a huge amount – and I was even less than impressed.

    Cameron Summerson

    I tried different tips (they come with three different sets of different sizes), but it didn't help either. So I handed out to Jaybird and asked what I was doing wrong and they returned the Tarah Pro Pass Guide. Let me tell you something: this is a game switch .

    After looking at the fit, I realized that there were two ways to carry the Tarah drivers: over the ear and the lower ear. All the time I had tried to get them to work with the "under" method, I wished they were over the ear. When I found out that you can do, or, my mind was blown.

    So I looked at the video on how to set them up for overnight stay. The design here is so freakin cool: you can literally turn "eargel" around to another orientation, which puts the knob in the right position for overnight. The cable then goes around the upper part of your ear. This is it.

      Jaybird Tarah Pro over ear position
    Camerson Summerson

    After deciding on perfect fit, I fell in love with these buds. With the help of the over-ear fit, they stopped perfectly, no matter how much I sweated or how hard I worked during exercise. They did whatever good training races would do: they came out of the way, let me enjoy music and focus on my workout.

    To put it simply: this is my new favorite set of workouts. After years of using some rather outdated "buds, Tarah Pro has finally replaced them as my go-to set.

    Build Quality and Design: Built Tough

      Jaybird Tarah Pro
    Cameron Summerson

    So I "I'll admit that it took over three years to ruin my other sports buds and I haven't had nearly as much time with Tarah Pros, but they seem super solid over the six weeks or so I've used them. [19659020] They have some thoughtful features that I feel will definitely increase the life of these buds, like braided cable. It is not a sticky rubber cover, but a much more robust and practical fabric-like material.

    The earplugs themselves also have an excellent feel for them. They are "heavy" in all the right ways – enough light to stay in the ears, but just enough booklets so they don't feel cheap. They also have magnets in the back so they stay together. It's cool!

    When you carry the knobs hang inline remote control on the right side, which can cause them to weigh down on that side if you do not get the synchronous band pulling hard. If you wear the buds in the over-year format, the remote fits snugly against your head when the strap is pulled tight. I think this is very convenient for quick use and exceptionally comfortable too. It's a win-win. (I'm a big fan of the over-the-ear format.)

      Jaybird Tarah Pro remote control over ear mode
    Cameron Summerson

    Finally, I want to quickly talk about two additional features: app and battery life. Like so many other Bluetooth headphones out there now, there is an app that can be used for a handful of different things, like setting up EQ or finding new content to listen to. These are pretty simple things, and honestly nothing you need just to use the headset.

    There is an advantage for Android users, anyone: when connected, the app will display Tarah Pro's battery life in the notification panel / bar. This way you always know how much juice is left. Cool, cool.

    Given the battery life, Jaybird claims that the Tarah Pro can get 14 hours of playback time, which is sincere, quite a lot of driving time for anything without much room for battery space. I used them exclusively for indoor training, which I do for 60 to 120 minutes a day five times a week (sometimes longer on weekends), which averages six to eight hours a week.

    During my time, we tested Tarah Pro I was about to load them once every two weeks, which is quite in line with Jaybird's estimate. It will change depending on the situation, of course – if you use them at a higher volume or in more extreme weather conditions (such as Texas heat, ugh) then you will likely be a little smaller. Still, battery life is solid.

    There is also the charging situation to discuss here: Tarah Pro uses a proprietary charger and pogo pins on the back of the remote control. It's kind of awkward and annoying that you can only use a standard microUSB or USB-C charger, but it's also meaningful to keep the design streamlined. And because they get such a good battery life, it's not a total dealbreaker.

      The proprietary charging port on Tarah Pro
    Cameron Summerson

    Sound quality: Full and Defined

    What good is a set of earplugs / headphones / face speakers if they do not sound good? Not so much, I would say. I mean, there is always the argument that "these are just for training" so they don't have to sound so good (which was the argument for earplugs that I had while I was training for years). The good news? Tarah Pro's muffler.

    When you find the right tips to fit your ears, it should create a nice seal. This means that there is a good amount of base resonance in your head, which gives a very low end. But not so much that they are muddy! There is such a good balance between low, mids and highs with Tarah Pro, I was very impressed as soon as I joined them and started jamming.

    While I will not go into scary details about the Tarah Pro sound, just know that they are very well balanced – good low, clear heights and enough mids to keep everything full. They work well for both music and podcasts thanks to the clarity.

    Overall, this is good earplugs. When you find your fit, they are incredibly comfortable, they sound great and they seem to be quite robust. As the title says, this is my new favorite sports earbud. They are amazing.

    Here's what we like

    • Can be used over or under the ear
    • They sound great
    • Super comfortable

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