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Oculus Quest 2: price, release date and how to pre-order

Oculus announced Quest 2, its next standalone VR headset that does not require a computer. My colleague Adi Robertson wrote everything you need to know about the new Quest 2, and she even spent enough time writing a full review. The headset is available for pre-order from now on on the Oculus website, and it will be available for purchase from October 13.

Oculus says it is partnering with Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Walmart to store Quest 2 in US stores, and it will be available through Amazon worldwide. It was also noted that it is taking Quest 2 to Japanese retail for the first time in the Bic Camera, Yamada Denki, Yodobashi Camera and Geo stores.

How much does Oculus Quest 2 cost?

The Oculus Quest 2 VR headset starts at $ 299, which is $ 100 less than the first generation model. That price gives you a headset with 64 GB of storage, and a reinforced headset for $ 399 has 256 GB of storage built-in. Both headset configurations include two controllers.

If you want to connect Quest 2 to your computer to run more powerful games that otherwise could not run on the headset, you can still purchase the Oculus Link cable or check out this much cheaper Anker USB 3.0 Type-C cable from Amazon.

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