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Open thread follow-up: the digital divide

Last week I mentioned the worrying experience of losing my internet connection completely, and it was scary. It was a combination of trying to understand a technique that is often too complicated for me to fully understand (and thus fix it or figure out what is wrong), but it was also the feeling of being cut off from a resource I have will depend on … whether I wanted to or not

The same dilemma was reflected in the comments so far on this topic … the digital lifestyle is a mixed blessing.

Some people may take it or leave it but understand that connection is a requirement for living in the world today. Some regret the loss of personal contacts, others struggle to keep up, and one said, for example, that she had to learn about it to become a foster parent … and that̵

7;s how she found Senior Planet. One commenter said that her connection was intermittent and therefore could not fully participate in the digital lifestyle.

That is why we are so happy that a new initiative is coming soon. Aging Connected is a national campaign with an ambitious goal of connecting one million older adults to the Internet.

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We keep the comments open for a while so you can send your pets, worries, raves and rants about the digital divide.

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