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"Pause ads" come to Hulu, here's what you need to know

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Last year it was revealed that Hulu would start showing ads when users paused a stream. This sounds awful, but this doesn't sound too bad.

First and foremost, it will not be video ads but instead only static images on the side of the screen. It immediately makes it less intrusive and keeps the ads away. It really is a smart way to do that, because it does not interfere with the users as much as and keep advertising revenue for Hulu.

The second part of the equation here is which will see these ads. That answer is just as easy: according to Engadget, any user who subscribes to Hulus ad-supported tier ̵

1; who only has a few dollar price falls, by the way – will be covered by this new ad format. Users who subscribe to Hulus ad-free level continue to receive, not receive ads. Pretty easy.

Finally, there is when . These ads are beginning to roll out "in the spring", which is just around the corner despite what the weather reports look like today.

via Engadget

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