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PS5 event: how to look at Sony’s Playstation 5 show

Sony is hosting another virtual show for its upcoming PlayStation 5 console. It’s being released later today, and we expect to hear the last valuable drops of information: a release date and pricing for both configurations of the PS5 (the diskless version and model that has the Blu-ray drive). It could have been that Sony was planning September 16 as its big news day all along, but that seems to be in response to Microsoft, which basically revealed every detail about its Xbox Series S / X consoles, including their price, release date and specifications, last week after a leak.

Can Sony beat Microsoft̵

7;s $ 299 price for the Xbox Series S or match the Xbox Series X to $ 499? We’ll probably find out.

In addition, Sony says that the 40-minute broadcast will include updates on first-party games from Sony studios and those coming from third-party partners that come at launch and just beyond the launch window. You can probably expect this to take up a lot of the show’s running time.

When does the PS5 event begin?

It starts at 16:00 ET / 13:00 PT / 9 PM BST. Sony says it’s 40 minutes long.

Where can I watch the PS5 event?

We have the livestream video embedded on top that automatically starts playing when the event starts, so feel free to stay here. Otherwise go to these links.

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