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Qualcomm Quick Charge goes wireless and works with QI Charging – Review Geek

  Xiaomi Wireless Quick Charging Pad
Xiaomi Wireless Quick Charge Pad

Qualcomm Quick Charge is the common fast charging method for thousands of Android phones. But Qualcomm has not made any effort to bring Fast charging to wireless chargers ̵

1; until today.

Wireless charging becomes extremely popular, and some people believe it will ultimately eliminate the need for wired chargers. But there is a big problem. Manufacturers build wireless chargers into inconsistent standards, and some wireless chargers work poorly or produce very unnecessary heat.

There are also many manufacturers that sell wireless chargers that "support" the quick charge (if you know what I mean). These products are not approved by Qualcomm and do not always follow the Quick Charge safety and efficiency standards.

Qualcomm is driving the most obvious solution to this problem. This morning, the company announced that Wireless Quick Charge will be added to Quick Charge compliance standards. If manufacturers want to sell wireless chargers that support Quick Charge, their products must be tested for security, efficiency, and universal Quick Charge compatibility.

Qi wireless charging has been around for a while and manufacturers need to get "Qi-Certified" before they roll out any Qi wireless products. Apparently Qualcomm also noted this, and the company announced that they want "interoperability" between Wireless Quick Charge and Wireless Qi. Basically, they want all wireless chargers to work with all mobile phones.

The first official Wireless Quick Charge product will be released by Xiaomi later this year. Xiaomi is one of the biggest supporters of wireless charging technology, so it's no surprise that the phone company is leading the way for Wireless Quick Charge.

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