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Recover deleted Gmail contacts that you accidentally deleted with this simple trick


You will need to access Gmail with a web browser to recover deleted contacts, but both mobile and desktop browsers will do so.

Angela Lang / CNET

If you’ve ever deleted a Gmail contact and only later realized what a big mistake you’ve made, you can relax as long as you made the change in the last 30 days. No matter how many contacts you add or delete, Gmail keeps a 30-day history for each contact in your address book. So if you accidentally delete one or more, it only takes a few clicks to get them back.

The process provides a somewhat blunt tool. You can not restore specific contacts, but you can retrieve each deleted contact by a specified date. But unless you have recently deleted a line, it should not be very difficult to find the contact or contacts you are looking for.

This tip requires you to sign in to your Gmail account with a web browser, not the Gmail mobile app, but any browser, whether you access it from your phone or laptop, will do so.

How to retrieve your deleted Gmail contacts

1. Open Google Contacts in your browser.

2. Press or tap Settings icon (gear) in the upper right corner.

3. Press or click Undo changes.

4. Select the time frame you want to recover from, anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 days ago, then press or click Undo.

5. Gmail will confirm by saying “Your contact list is restored to the way it was [date you chose]. It may take some time for these changes to appear on your device. “

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