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Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Guide: Try to survive the game’s most difficult situation

Iron Resident Evil 7 on all difficulties is a big enough challenge for many players, especially those who find being chased by an unimaginable killer for hours appealing to begin with. But for players who conquer RE7 on normal and find themselves wanting more, the developers were generous (?) enough to include a third difficulty, titled “Madhouse” mode.

Resident Evil 7The Madhouse difficulty not only adds more and tougher enemies, though it also has them. In many ways, it changes the game̵

7;s fabric, changing object locations and enemy behavior to throw away all the knowledge you’ve built up by playing through the game’s easier difficulties. Even a hardened, impenetrable veteran in a normal position may need a little help to get through it.

If you have problems with any problems, read these general tips for survival Resident Evil 7. But those who want to get through the Madhouse difficulties want to use the tips below for more in-depth help. How to survive Madhouse mode in Resident Evil 7.

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Madhouse difficulty differences

Resident Evil VII

Before we go into specific tips, let’s talk about the changes that are being added Resident Evil 7th century Madhouse difficulty.

Your savings are limited

Definitely the biggest of all the changes at Madhouse is the new blank tape; a consumable that, like the ribbon in early Resident Evil games, is used to save your game. The game gives you just enough to save when you have to – before and after managers, for example – but get enough bands that you sometimes worry about running out. It’s the classic Resident Evil. Fortunately, there are about 30 cassette tapes scattered around the game – which is more than enough to survive. They play in the same places every game, so make a point to have a guide on hand to plan things.

The checkpoints are extremely limited

The generous checkpoints RE7 dividends on Easy and Normal do not apply when you play on Madhouse difficulties. The game will provide a checkpoint at the beginning of some episodes, but it hardly ever happens, and if you are not careful with your limited savings, you can lose hours of progress.

Object placement varies

If you have played through RE7 already once or twice on Normal before starting Madhouse, you may be surprised at the placement of certain items. This sometimes makes the game easier by giving you things like grenade launchers and backpack upgrades earlier than normal. However, when planning your route from memory, it can be difficult to discover that an important key is suddenly not where you thought it would be.

There are more antique coins

Resident Evil VII

This is another Madhouse change that can be both good and bad. On the one hand, having more antique coins to find – 33 versus the 18 that are in normal mode – means you will run across them more often. But there is also more to buy with antique coins, including new items that increase your attack / defense, and a key that was once more available.

The bakers are more dangerous

Will be discovered by Jack Baker below Resident Evil 7The first hours in Normal or Easy mode are not a big deal, as you can usually run away and hide to avoid him. But at Madhouse, Jack actually runs faster than you can, which is scary. Good luck getting to a safe room if Jack surprises you around the corner.

There are more enemies in different places

Again, you may already have a pretty good idea of ​​when and where enemies will play if you have already played the game once on an easier difficulty. Throw that idea out the window, at Madhouse the enemies are more numerous and pop up in some surprising places that are designed to take advantage of your expectations.

Normal enemies are also more dangerous

Not only that, but the mushroom monsters you encounter during normal play have much more health, cause much more damage and, worst of all, move more aggressively and irregularly on the Madhouse, making each encounter a life-or-death situation.

Ammunition is scarce

In addition to everything else, the game dishes much less ammunition, forcing you to make every shot count.

Tips for playing at Madhouse

Resident Evil VII

Given all the changes and how much harder it is to play RE7 at Madhouse, it can be quite intimidating even for players who have already beaten the game at lower settings. Thankfully, the tips below should help.

Get the dirty coin from Start time demo

You can start Resident Evil 7 with an extra antique coin if you complete a very specific sequence of events in the game’s free downloadable demo, Start time. Follow these instructions on Reddit to the letter and you should have no problem. One confusing part is step 8 – when the instructions say to point your finger “at a pile of rubbish at the foot of the stairs”, they mean rubbish directly under the clock on the wall.

Use a guide to find more antique coins

Madhouse difficulty is not to move, so it is no shame to use a guide like this to find more ancient coins, especially if you have already beaten the game once without a guide. Take all the help you can get.

Play the game on Normal first

Play it twice, evenly, and the second time use a wizard to find collectibles like the files and Mr. Everywhere bobbleheads. Doing so will unlock all kinds of accessories designed to relieve some of Madhouse’s pain, including shoes that allow you to walk faster and the powerful Albert-01R pistol, an important thing that increases your defense while you guard.

Block often

Block often, especially if you have the articles “Essence of Defense” or “Secrets of Defense.” Keeping these in your warehouse will eliminate almost all, if not all, of the damage you take when you block. This is crucial – especially during moments like the Marguerite boss fight – and even against normal enemies at Madhouse.

Do practice runs

Given how rarely you will be able to save on Madhouse, one thing you can find helpful is to do workout runs. There is a strong sense of relief when you finally save your progress, especially considering that there are basically no checkpoints. Take the opportunity to explore what comes next without losing a loss if you die. You may be surprised by enemies or use all your ammo and then reload your latest save.

Get headshots

Do not waste ammunition by shooting enemies anywhere other than their weak points, which for normal enemies are in their big, stupid, creaky heads. Ammunition is too scarce to do otherwise. Keep training until you rarely miss. And it helps if you have already hit the game once and have access to the Albert-01R pistol.

Seriously, save ammunition

Marguerite will not die from your pathetic knives. Use weaker ammunition, like ordinary pistol bullets, before using the more powerful stuff, such as improved bullets and shotgun shells, except in emergencies when that is not possible. And the only thing that qualifies as an emergency at Madhouse is when a crawler blows out of the wall right in front of you and you have not saved in two hours.

Never feel safe because you are never safe

Except in safe rooms, you are never safe Resident Evil 7, especially at Madhouse. Did you expect an enemy to emerge where no one did? Well, it’s probably because the game is trying to calm you down into a false sense of security so it can throw two enemies against you in the next room instead and make you panic and waste all your ammo.

Stop hoarding the locking tops

Resident Evil VII

You may have a habit of saving lids for a time when you “need” them on past difficulties. Stop that. Madhouse is stingy enough with ammunition and chemical liquids to manufacture that you should use all available resources whenever you can.

Save some of the chemical liquid for the Old House

Seriously, you do not want to get hold of Marge’s bugs without fuel. Given that the objects scattered throughout the environment are somewhat random, you may find yourself picking up lots of pistol and shotgun ammunition and running low on sweet, sweet flames. Save some chemical fluid and solid fuel for those moments.

Hold on for the better shotgun

The M21 shotgun is much better than the M37, but you need the repair kit to get it. You can get the first repair kit as soon as you escape from the main building. it’s in a slightly different place at Madhouse than in normal location, but it’s still in the yard. Use it to fix the broken shotgun, which is also in another place. Before doing so, do not waste valuable shotgun shells with the less powerful M37.

Just get past the first boss

Perhaps the most difficult part of Resident Evil 7The Madhouse difficulty is the first boss fight in the guest house attic. Your health is low, you barely have any supplies, and even if you smash every bullet and get a 95 percent head shot, this boss will apparently not die. However, there are some tricks that make it easier. For example, if you go back into the room where you found the gun, she knocks out a wall and makes a loop that you can run around. And when you run out of ammunition (and you certainly will), try to hit her in the head with your ax and protect when she turns towards you.

It can be frustrating, but fortunately it is actually one of the most difficult battles in the game at Madhouse. Everything else seems feasible in comparison.

Reload a save if you have wasted too many resources

Sometimes you will barely scratch off certain encounters against the game’s various enemies. Depending on what it is (and what lies ahead) it may be a good idea to recharge a savings point to try to do better. This is especially true if you performed poorly during a section that comes just before a tough boss meeting. If you wasted ammunition on a regular enemy and your last rescue is not several hours ago, reload it and give it another try. You need to be prepared with as much ammo as possible for some of the harder boss encounters in the game.

Keep track of the price

Remember why you do this: Not just to prove how bad you are and how not to be afraid of evil mushroom monsters and murderous swamps, but to unlock endless ammo every time you play the game. Is it worth it to finally be able to use Magnum? It is up to you.

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