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Ring Rings In The New Year With A New Camera And Smart Lighting – Review Geek

Originally known for its video doorbell, ring has expanded its lineup quite a bit over the years, and it's doing it again this year with a new door. Like a digital peephole for your front, as it meant to replace your existing peephole. It's completely wireless and battery powered, and it will alert you every time it detects motion happening at your front, as well as let you do two-way talk. This is a really great product for those who can replace their existing doorbell with a video doorbell (just for renters), although the ring doorbell can also be powered and mounted on an exterior wall.

Ring also announced a significant line of outdoor smart lighting, which is also completely wireless and battery powered. Plus, when one light detects motion and turns on, it will also alert all of your other ring lights to turn on as well. Furthermore, if you have Ring Protect Plus, you can automatically alert your various ring cameras and they can start recording video.

There are several versions of the smart lighting that have been announced, including a floodlight for $ 70 (a battery-powered version for $ 50), a spotlight for $ 40, a pathlight for $ 30 (and a steplight for $ 18).

These lights are available for pre-order right now and will start shipping to customers starting on March 6.

Otherwise, call unveiled some sensors for its Alarm system, including a smoke and CO listener, which lists to your existing smoke alarms and alerts your Ring Alarm system whenever they go off. There is also a new water sensor, siren, and a First Alert smoke alarm that is designed to connect directly to your Ring Alarm system. These products are available right now on Ring's website.

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