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Ring’s latest security devices will fly around your home and monitor your car – Review Geek

A ring camera drones in and out of the jetty.

During Amazon’s hardware event, the company unveiled several Ring devices, including new monitors for your car and mailbox. Oh, and a camera drone flying around your home. Yes indeed.

The big showstopper bit is obviously the camera drone. Call Always Home Cam is a small drone that lives in a hub in your home. As you walk, it will listen for sounds, and if it hears anything, it will investigate. You get a ping on your phone and you can see what it sees.

Amazon says it’s perfect for checking “if the oven was on, the doors are locked or the curling iron was left on …” although intruders are another obvious advantage.

When you use it with a ring alarm, the drone flies on preset paths that you set if something trips a ring sensor. It only records video during flights and the camera is physically blocked when docked. It also makes noise when you fly, so you can hear it coming.

A ring car alarm device next to a telephone.

But it’s not just your home call that wants to help monitor. The company also announced a new car initiative. First there is the Ring Car Alarm, a $ 59.99 OBD-II door unit that you connect to your car. It monitors for shocks and attempted burglaries and sends alerts if it detects a problem. You can choose to start a siren to scare away all thieves.

Camera footage on a phone looking inside a car.

Ring Car Cam is, as the name suggests, a $ 199.99 camera for your car. Like the car alarm, it monitors for shocks and burglaries and sends an alert along with video. Of course, it can work with car alarms. Both ring car alarms and car cameras will be released sometime in 2021.

Finally, Ring Car Connect is not something you buy directly, but a set of API manufacturers can use to build Ring into cars. Ring says it is already compatible with Tesla models 3, X, S and Y and can use an existing car’s sensors and cameras for safety.

A sensor inside a mailbox.

And if you want to know as soon as the email arrives, Call Mailbox can help. It connects to Alexa-enabled devices to notify you when someone opens your mailbox. The ring mailbox costs $ 29.99 and you can pre-order it from October 8.

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