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Samsung Android Pie Update: Galaxy Devices Get Better Edge Lighting "Android :: Gadget Hacks

Like Samsung's own tag on Android 9.0 Pie, the newly dubbed One UI device (formerly Samsung Experience and TouchWiz previously) comes with a host of new features and redesigned elements for the Galaxy interface. Many of the changes, such as the newly developed built-in app, are obvious, but other features have subtle improvements that enhance user-friendliness.

The Galaxy Edge Lighting effects are such a feature that did not get a major rebuild with Android Paj. Instead, Samsung improved it by streamlining its settings and adding more options, which means it improved overall accessibility.

Before a user interface, Edge Lighting was quite limited when it came to accessing messages. Even though you can set it up to provide quick answers to phone calls and messages using the phone's pulse rate sensor, there was not much else you could do as far as interacting with the Edge Lighting messages on your screen. With Android Pie, you can now act on Edge Lighting messages through a series of gestures.

There is now an option to enable "Edge Lighting interaction" that allows you to access and view alerts like text messages, phone calls, and more straight from the feature. It is also worth noting that "Quick Answer" has been moved from the three-point menu page from Oreo to the main page of the feature to make things much less confusing.

(1) Updated Border Light Settings on Android Pie / One Interface. (2) Edge Lighting settings on Android Oreo.

As shown by the screenshots below, interaction with Edge Lighting alerts consists of a series of gestures. These gestures include taping the message to go directly to the app, execute a page rotation on the alert to quickly reject it and make a downward killing from the message to open the app as a popup window for multitasking.

The most annoying aspect of Edge Lighting was how brief the warning was, making it extremely easy to miss. Thankfully, Samsung has remedied this with a user interface, and together with the familiar lighting effects, colors, transparency and width options, you now have the ability to customize the length of the feature so you never miss an Edge Lighting alert again. [19659010] The updated Edge Lighting feature makes it much more appealing to use, largely due to the practical improvements highlighted above. And with an interface officially out in the wild, we'll look for more Android Pie features affected by Galaxy devices, so be sure to check back often for updates. As always, write your comments below and share your thoughts.

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