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Save up to 43% on Select Anker Chargers in Amazon’s Deal of the Day – Review Geek

Amazon Deal of the Day Anker is loading products
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Amazon’s Deal of the Day offers up to 43% off selected Anker charging products. The products include a car charger, a solar charger and a 1

3,000 mAh battery bank and are fantastic items for late summer trips or camping expeditions.

The two battery banks on sale – PowerCore 13000 (down to $ 20.39, from $ 31.99) and PowerCore Metro Slim 10000 PD (now $ 33.99, down 26% from $ 45.99) – can charge things like phones , tablets and laptops fast on the go. 13000 only offers USB-A charging, while Metro Slim offers both USB-A and USB-C.

Anchor charging cables are high quality and resilient to up to 30,000 bends so you do not have to worry about them breaking or breaking when you need them most. The Powerline III USB-C to USB-C (down 28% to $ 12.99, from $ 17.99) is tight and measures 6 feet, so you don’t have to plug in your wall outlet or battery bank. Similarly, the Powerline + II (down to $ 15.99, from $ 24.99) is a nice double-braided nylon cable, with a USB-C to Lightning connection for charging your iPhone.

PowerPort Solar (now $ 44.79, down 36% from $ 69.99) is a great companion to have when camping, as it is lightweight, and its multiple panels fold up nicely when not in use. You can put it on a table or put it over your backpack to charge, and it can charge your devices quickly. It supports USB-A charging.

Finally, the 30W Dual USB Car Charger (down to $ 12.99, from $ 17.99) can quickly charge two compatible devices in your car while driving, and the PowerPort Atom PD and Powerline USB-C to Lightning Cable Combo (down 43% from $ 45.99 to $ 25.99) offers fast charging for your iPhone, iPad and Macbook.

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