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SDCC 2020 is virtual: How to look at Comic-Con this year and what to expect

It’s the cancellation year. Due coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has seen everything from Tokyo OS to the Tour de France either interrupted or postponed. It includes the huge geeky collection called San Diego Comic-Con, originally scheduled for July 23-26 and now hope instead to return July 22-25, 2021.

But this summer, fans can join another type of collection. Organizers are planning Comic-Con @ Home, a digital version of the event, for July 22-26. A preview video boasts free parking and comfortable chairs, personalized snacks and the lack of lines that come with the home conference experience. Here is a guide to everything we know so far about how Comic-Con @ Home will work.

The Basics of Comic-Con 2020

Comic-Con @ Home will take place online from July 22-26, and unlike the actual event, it̵

7;s free. But just like the actual event, there are expected to be over 350 panels featuring actors, writers and more famous names from the worlds of TV, movies, games and series.

Comic-Con panels usually reveal long-awaited teasers, trailers and news from the entertainment world. The online panels should still boast about some of that, but with so many movie delays due to COVID-19, it is possible that some films and programs will not be as far as usual and may not have previews ready to be shown yet.

All panels will be pre-recorded, The Wrap reported July 6, so there will be no live fan interaction with the panelists. Still, some shows, such as the animated Netflix show The Dragon Prince, have invited fans to submit questions to their panels.

On July 7, Comic-Con organizers announced that they would unveil the daily online program set for the next five days, with complete programming descriptions. And many of the panels will be available for viewing after July 22-26.

How to follow

Subscribe now to Comic-Con’s official YouTube channel and sign up for notifications. This way you get the latest news when the panels have been published online. You can also check out Comic-Con’s official Toucan blog for the latest. SDO-unofficial blog is also a good place for news and fun.

Hot panels to look for

Who will attend? All! If you are a sci-fi, fantasy, animation or comic junkie this is your disadvantage. Look for everything from big Hollywood blockbuster panels to small indie series. We can’t possibly list everyone, but here are five to look at.

The Walking Dead

Chris Hardwick, who hosts Walking Dead after the Talking Dead show, will moderate a panel about AMC’s zombie show. Cast members Norman Reedus (Daryl), Melissa McBride (Carol), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) and Lauren Cohan (Maggie) will be featured, as will executive producers Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple, and showrunner Angela Kang.
Date and time to be announced

Bob’s Burgers

Fire up the grill. Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard and his voice actors, including H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), John Roberts (Linda), Kristen Schaal (Louise), Eugene Mirman (Gene), Dan Mintz (Tina) and Larry Murphy (Teddy) will discuss the animated Fox comedy and answer fan questions.
Date and time to be announced

Marvels 616

The Marvel comic world is huge and complex. Marvel’s 616 is an anthology series coming to Disney Plus, and each section will explore a different corner of the Marvel Universe. Writer and host Angélique Roché will moderate the panel, which includes directors Gillian Jacobs and Paul Scheer and executive producers Sarah Amos and Jason Sterman.
Thursday, July 23 at 1 pm PT

Correct things

The Apollo moon landing was more than 50 years ago, but it still fascinates almost anyone who has ever stared up at the sky. The new original Disney Plus series The Right Stuff is a scripted series that looks back on the early days of the space program, following seven astronauts as they prepare to make history. Real NASA royalty will help with this – former astronaut Mae Jemison will moderate the panel, which will feature the huge role as well as showrunner Mark Lafferty and executive producer Jennifer Davisson.
Saturday, July 25 at 1 pm PT

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Dudes, were excellent against each other. Bill & Ted Face the Music reunites Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter as the now middle-aged rock friends who have their own daughters. Filmmaker Kevin Smith – yes, that Kevin Smith – will moderate the panel, which will include Reeves, Winter, director Dean Parisot and writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson.
Date and time to be announced

Cosplay, but not in person

It’s hard to imagine Comic-Con without the colorful and creative cosplayers attending the conference dressed as everything from superheroes to anime characters to robots to mythological creatures. Unfortunately, this year no one will encounter the Hulk in the corridor on the way to a sausage, but organizers say there will be a virtual version of the event’s annual Masquerade, its cosplay showcase.

“Call all customers!” the tweet started. “For this year’s virtual mask, a page should be our stage. Participants can watch your entry as a video presentation or a series of photos showing your cosplay talents on the official Comic-Con Tumblr page.” A linked page gives more specific details. Applications are limited to a maximum of 50, so apply soon if you hope to be one of them.

The masquerade website will go live on July 23, but entries will be assessed in advance, and winners will be announced online on July 24.

Shop for things

Comic-Con is so huge, visitors need a map of the exhibition hall to have any hope at all of finding their way. The same goes for the virtual version. On July 22, Comic-Con @ Home Online Exhibit Hall will go live. The interactive floor plan lets visitors click on a cross-section of exhibitors and will include “business listings, exclusive products for sale, promotional links” and more, the organization says. Campaign links and business listings sound like a yawn to us, but the limited edition products can be interesting. We have to see what is on offer.

Book it

Comic-Con is still planning to publish a souvenir book 2020 to celebrate the big event. Usually, the book is a full-color paper book that is given to all participants free of charge. This year’s book will be a downloadable PDF and should be available around July 23rd. It contains bios and photos of event guests, tributes to industry stars who have died over the past year, special series and articles. This year’s edition will mark events including the 100th anniversary of the late sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury and the 50th anniversary of Conan the Barbarians first appearance in the series. Fans were able to submit articles and artwork earlier this year.

See you next year?

Organizers of Comic-Con are hoping for a regular, personal collection in San Diego 2021, even if the coronavirus pandemic goes, that’s anyone’s guess if that’s possible. For the moment, 2021 Comic-Con is set for July 22-25 at the sprawling San Diego Convention Center.

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