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Second update of the incentive control authority: Who can qualify? Here is the status so far

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The proposals for who may or may not qualify for a second incentive check are dizzying.

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On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made it clear a second stimulus control will be part of the next coronavirus relief congress that Congress is now vying to put together (he called it a “moral priority”). It leaves the hard work of hashing out when the new direct payments could start to expire and, most importantly, what will be to get the new stimulus control.

Until both the Senate and the House agree on the legislation, we do not know to what extent the qualifications for the second inspection match the requirements for first stimulus control, which offered up to $ 1,200 per person.

However, it is likely that factors such as your annual income, age, citizenship, marital status, the number of relatives in your household and other government benefits you receive can determine whether or not you receive a second incentive check (more below).

Keep reading for the latest information on another direct debit. This story is frequently updated with the latest information.

Would more people be entitled to a second stimulus check?

The largest eligible parameters so far come from the Heroes’ Act (PDF), which was proposed by the House of Representatives in mid-May. It has been strongly opposed by Senate Republicans and President Donald Trump, who called it the DOA. We can look at this bill to help frame the conversation about the upper limits of who can qualify for a broad proposal:

  • Individuals who earned less than $ 99,000 according to the adjusted gross income from their taxes for 2018 or 2019 (depending on what was last filed).
  • Students, family members over 17, disabled relatives and taxpayers’ parents.
  • Families of up to five people.
  • SSDI recipients.
  • People who are not U.S. citizens and file tax returns, pay taxes, and otherwise follow federal tax laws using an individual taxpayer’s identification number instead of a social security number.

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Can Congress tighten the requirements for another payment?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that if the Senate, which is controlled by his Republican party, approves another relief proposal that includes more stimulus controls, the focus will be narrow. Based on speculation is here that may not be eligible for a second stimulus check.

No one qualifies: An incentive package could be signed into law that provides tax breaks and other incentives for companies. It is possible that some people may get a travel or dinner credit, but not a check.

People who make “too much” money: If another round of incentive payments goes, but the distributions are smaller for IRS payments, it is likely that income limits may be stricter. You may need a lower maximum annual income (AGI on the tax form) to qualify. In other words, people who earn more than a certain amount (that’s lower than the current $ 99,000 rebate for individuals) could potentially be left out of a second round. An example is an income cap of $ 40,000 per year, first raised by McConnell (more below).

Exemption from transfer from the current CARES law: Young people between 18 and 24, people who are not US citizens but pay taxes, people who are imprisoned.

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It will soon be clear who can qualify for another stimulus check.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Who did not receive the first incentive payment

Let’s examine who rejected the first round:

  • Individual taxpayers with an adjusted gross income over $ 99,000.
  • Managers for households with an AGI over $ 136,500.
  • Married couple with an AGI over $ 198,000.
  • Children over 16 and students under 24.
  • Non-resident aliens as defined by the US Government.

New Income Limits: Why $ 40,000 Is Discussed

It has been suggested that the next stimulus check should only go to people earning $ 40,000 a year or less. The assumed income limit – which is not final – came from remarks by McConnell on July 6, who answered a reporter’s question about the second stimulus check by saying: “I think the people who have been hit the hardest are people who make about $ 40,000 per year or less. Many of them work in the hospitality industry. So that may well be part of it. ”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi questioned McConnell’s proposed salary capability. “I do not know where the $ 40,000 came from,” she told a news conference on July 9. “I think families earning over $ 40,000 probably need help, depending on their situation.”

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Is an income limit of $ 40,000 per year part of the next stimulus package? It’s too early to tell.

Sarah Tew / CNET

That figure is not scaled in all US markets. In San Francisco, for example, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development defines “very low income limits” at $ 60,900 for a single employee and $ 87,000 for a family of four, based on 50% of the metro area’s median income by 2020. That would be well above any $ 40,000 cutoff.

It has been suggested that the $ 40,000 quote quoted by McConnell came from an open letter published June 16 from over 150 economists, led by Ben Bernanke, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, in which he said that “among people who worked In February, nearly 40% (PDF) of those in households earning less than $ 40,000 a year had lost their jobs in March. ”

When would Congress decide on eligibility for stimulus control?

We will not know anything for sure until a stimulus bill comes into clearer focus, but we have a good idea what the deadline for the congress is and when a check could be sent.

For more, here’s what we know about major proposals for a second stimulus package. We also have information about unemployment insurance, what you can do if you have lost your job and what to know about drafts.

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