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Share what you look at Netflix to your Snapchat story so your friends can also watch "Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Over the years, television has become more of a solar activity than ever before. Discussing the latest hands with friends is exponentially more difficult because platforms like Netflix only release all episodes simultaneously. Fortunately, Snapchat makes it easy to keep your friends in the loop on what you are watching, so they can retrieve the remote and do the same.

Many of us already do so without even thinking about it. Have you ever taken a photo or video on your TV or computer, with a hilarious scene from The Office or a mindblowing moment in Our Planet ? The only problem with this method is that your friends cannot easily access the content you share in their own Netflix account. Then skip the camera and use Netflix built-in tools to share your favorite titles into a Snapchat Story.

Sharing your latest binge in your story is actually quite simple. First select the show or movie you want to share from Netflix browser in its Android or iOS app. Fight the temptation to watch the show or movie directly because you can't share the Netflix player yourself. Instead, press the "Share" icon below the content description. Here is a menu with all the apps and services you can share your choice with. In our case, select "Snapchat".

Your phone may ask you wants to open Snapchat at this time. Select the option that opens the app. When Snapchat is opened, you see that your show or movie's title image is displayed in the editor, complete with all the tools you normally find here (text, drawing, stickers, editing etc.). The URL option will be highlighted because your story has a direct hyperlink to the Netflix show or movie you share.

Continue and make some changes you want your story to make it personal to you. Then press the Story icon at the bottom of the screen, tap "Add" when prompted, and then tap "My Story" from the list. Alternatively, press the blue arrow and then select "My Story" from the list of options.

Now your friends just need to tap your story to see what you've been watching! If they are also interested in giving your show a clock, they can follow the link that is built into your story. If Netflix is ​​installed on the device, it will ask them to open the app and see the title. If not, it will simply take them on the Netflix website.

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