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Sinemi vs. MoviePass vs. AMC Stubs A-List vs. Movie Club: Movie Subscription Compared


James Martin / CNET

The cinemas are damaging. Attention has fallen, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The theater chain has taken a blow.

Can a movie ticket subscription come true? At least four try: AMC Stubs A-List, Cinemark Movie Club, MoviePass and Sinemia. Even though they share the same basic promise ̵

1; pay a flat monthly rate for X tickets – they take very different approaches to the subscription model. Let's take a look at what each service offers and see which, like someone, deserves your dollars.

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Price: $ 19.95 (plus tax), is expected to increase by $ 2- $ 4 from January 2019, depending on location.

What You Get: Three tickets per week and all the benefits of an AMC Stubs Premiere membership.

Limitations: Only AMC theaters. Requires a three month commitment. There is no good or friend or family alternative. No Stub's score achieved for tickets booked via A-List.

Summary: AMC's Feast with MoviePass resulted in A-List, its own Private Subscription Service . After rolling out in June, A-List has proven to be popular enough to guarantee a price increase which will increase $ 2- $ 4 per month in some states beginning early next year. Nevertheless, the value suggestion is higher for Cinemark Movie Club or Sinemia, as your $ 22- $ 24 buys you as many as 12 tickets per month.

Worth it? Three tickets per week are probably rich for most movie makers, and even if you only use three monthly it's cheap. Support for 3D, Imax and other premium presentations is definitely a plus, but at the moment you get stuck and pay full price if you want to add a friend or family member. The bigger question: Do you live near an AMC theater?

  cinemark-movie-club "height =" 0 "width =" 270 "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/Qlic6S8GIrW657PZnjBtW3RNXP0=/270x0/2017/12/18/a516cba7-e92b

Cinemark Film Club "height =" 0 "width =" 270 “/>

Cinemark's new movie club gives you a small discount on tickets.


Price: $ 8.99.

What You Get: One ticket per month, 20 percent of concessions, additional tickets for $ 8.99 each and unused tickets can roll over.

Restrictions: Movie theater and only 2D movies.

Summary: Announced at the end of 2017 by the Cinemark theater chain, Movie Club offers little compared to MoviePass, Sinemia and Stubs A-List. You basically buy a single discounted ticket each month, with the option of additional discounted tickets. The transition option is useful for those months when there is nothing to see, but if you want anything other than a 2D view, you'll have to pay more.

Worth it? In my neck in the forest (Metro Detroit), a single Cinemark ticket costs an evening event $ 10.50. So paying $ 9 per month just saves me $ 1.50. Now, if I bring my family to four, we pay each $ 8.99 instead of $ 10.50; Now I have saved $ 6. I'm also likely to save some money on popcorn. It's all good, but it's hardly soil destructive, and not really enough to get me out of the house on a snowy night. The real question, though: There are no cinemas near where I live.

  movie pass card "height =" 0 "width =" 370 "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/BWfbXz4G-gg0CeR9gy3j74B9gnc=/370x0/2017/08/15/09670077-cac6 -4cdc-be5c-5267fdca60f5 / dhrcgw-xgaaxqab.jpg

With the MoviePass schedule of 9.95 a month you can watch a selected movie a theater – three times a month. Only popcorn costs extra.

Movie Pass

Price: $ 9.95 for three tickets per month .

What You Get: A special charge card that can be used to buy a ticket at almost any American theater.

Restrictions: Only day of purchase, some require your attendance at the theater. Only select movies (currently). No family or couple options. After three films, customers can get a discount of 2 to 5 dollars on tickets depending on geography and film chosen.

Summary: Over the past year, MoviePass has experienced more up and down than a rollercoaster. For a complete round trip, read my story on how MoviePass works . The short version: Problems like bugs blackouts and surge pricing have shown that the company can not maintain its original model. But it makes changes – almost every week it seems – and still offers great value.

Worth it? If you use your MoviePass only three times a month, it provides an unbeatable deal on tickets – even if you have to pay a few dollars for a fourth ticket. Still, much-needed options like 3D, Imax and bring-a-guest do not yet roll out, and they even cost you even more. Frequent movie guests can be better served with a competing service with fewer restrictions. Uncertainty about the MoviePass Future (including the latest rumors that it may be Spun in a Separate Company ) makes it hard to recommend, but if you only pay monthly anyway and can cancel at any time, why not just maximize your passport when you can?

  http://www.cnet.com/ "height =" 109 "width =" 194

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MoviePass succeeds becoming more expensive and less useful


Price: $ 4.99 for one ticket per month; $ 9.99 for three tickets per month; $ 29.99 for 30 tickets per month; Family plans begin at $ 9.99 per month; Registration fee of $ 20 per person (refrain from choice of annual plan). Discounts are available for weekly day plans.

Sinemy's new weekday plans can save money – but they are the same price as the usual plans were only last month.

Sinemi s

What You Get: A fixed number of tickets per month on almost any theater paid through a temporary debit card number provided by the app. Aid for advance purchase. Support for third party ticket processors like Fandango.

Limitations: Premium shows (3D, Imax, etc.) require an elite plan, which significantly contributes to cost. There is no rollover for unused tickets, and you will have to pay for any additional fees charged by third party ticket processors.

Summary: Sinemi promises a lighter, less restrictive subscription than MoviePass, but recent changes have made things a bit more complex. First of all, pricing is everywhere – it seems like every time I check it, there is another sale and another pricing structure. Your plan used to include a monthly premium, but now it costs extra. The service also introduced weekday plans that cost 20 percent less, but limit you to Monday-Thursday screenings. Nevertheless, the ability to use your favorite ticket service (and rack-up points along the way) is a big plus, although the app is still a hassle to use for pre-purchase.

Worth it? For single moviegoer, the current tier is – $ 4.99 to $ 9.99 a month for one to three tickets – a big deal. And it's nice to have all the different options, though they can be confusing to weigh through. But the constant displacement of plans and pricing feels that Sinemia slips into the MoviePass territory. Just two months ago, my wife and I could have a "2 movie days for the 2" plan at $ 16 a month; Now this option is gone, replaced by "3 movie days for 2" at $ 22 per month. It's about $ 3.67 per ticket, a big saving over $ 10 I usually pay, but the plan I wanted is gone. For serious movie links, has recently been added "Unlimited" Plan (30 2D tickets per month for $ 29.99), which Sinemia considers to be a "sustainable" model. Time will tell.

Originally published December 18, 2017.
Update, November 6, 2018 : This comparison has been updated several times with price changes and new additions.

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