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Six Months of Xbox Live for $ 25 – Review Geek

  Two Xbox Live Membership Cards

Yes, no one wants to pay for Xbox Live. Unfortunately, if you want to play online, you are left with some choice. Fortunately, the service is not so painfully expensive, especially if you can find a good ward.

Right now, the three-month Xbox Live card is BOGO on Amazon. When you buy three-month Live Cards you get one extra free. Enter a $ 25 brokerage bill, and you can go away with six-month Xbox Live. Usually, six months live costs about $ 35.

Before you buy a lot of cards, there is one thing you should know: this deal is limited to a purchase. Just add a three-month Xbox Live card to your shopping cart, buy it, and the site will automatically submit an additional three-month Live Card.

These Live Cards are digital codes and they can redeem at any time. You can also give them away as a gift to someone who needs a few months of Live. Of course, you can only take this opportunity to raise another six months in your Live account.

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