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Snapchat now lets users add music to snaps and stories – Review Geek

A screenshot of Snapchat Sounds in action.

Better late than never! Snapchat launches Sounds, a feature that lets you add music to your Snaps and Stories. Thousands of songs are available on Snapchat, including an as yet unreleased song by Justin Bieber and benny blanco titled “Lonely.”

; Audio is only available on iOS, and Snapchat has not announced a date for the launch of Android.

To use Sound, grab a Snap and tap the small music icon (🎵) at the bottom right of the screen. You can choose from selected songs or search for a song you like. People watching your Snap with Sounds can swipe up to view album art, song title, and artist name. Viewers can also tap “Play this song” to pull up the track on their selectable streaming platform.

Sound is quite naked compared to Instagram and Tiktok’s music features. Instagram lets you add animated lyrics to Stories with Music, and TikTok lets users publish audio tracks that other users can enjoy.

Snapchat is still laying a strong foundation with Sounds. The feature looks clean and already contains thousands of tracks from most major publishers. And in Snapchat’s press release, the company suggests that users may soon have the opportunity to record and share their own sounds à la TikTok.

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