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So easy to move your heavy equipment for cleaning

Are you afraid of what lurks under your stove or refrigerator? Food particles can find themselves under your kitchen appliances, but cleaning under them is not nice or light.

What if it was easier? There is a simple trick to make your appliances easier on your kitchen floor so you can come to cleaning more often. All you need is some cleaning agents.

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Remove a spray bottle and place a tablespoon of soap and two cups of warm water into it. Shake it a couple of times and then spray around your feet on your device. Give the solution a few minutes to seep under each foot. Stop spraying in front of the appliance a few meters.

The solution will make the floor slippery so that the device can move forward with less friction. Be careful not to stand on the side of the appliance as you move it to avoid sliding around yourself.

When finished, mop the floor with clean water to remove the smooth solution.

A more permanent fix [19659008] While this tip is a good start, a more permanent solution would be to buy the device's base. The appliance's underlay sits under the feet of the appliance to slide over the floor with very little effort. You can get them at your local sales outlet or Amazon.

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