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Some Amazon No Rush Credits Expires Tomorrow, Rush To Check Yours Today

If you are an Amazon Prime member who utilizes the company's "No Rush" promotion, you may want to take a look at your credits. There is a chance that they could expire tomorrow.

What is "No" Rush Credits?

It's no secret that one of Amazon Prime's biggest calls is the free two-day shipping. But what many users may not realize is that the company will reward Prime customers to choose slower shipping. These rewards come as digital promotions-discounts on ebooks, cheaper movies on Instant Video, free Prime Now shipping and lots of others.

When you go through the checkout for a regular Buy that you do not need immediately, choose the option "Free No-Rush Shipping." The credit amount is at the bottom. When the item is shipped, the credit is added to your No Rush Credits, where you can use them on digital items.

19659004] If you click on the "Details" button, it will also notify you when the credit expires. If you want to check the fine price of these rewards (as there is always fine print), head Here.

How To Check Your Rush Reward Credits

If you do not have any Rush Credits and want to check the expiration date, you can easily do it by following this link. This is also where you will see if you have any credits in the first place, but the odds are if you did not know about this program until today, you would not have anything waiting for you. Regrets.

It is worth noting that many users report that they have credits that expire tomorrow 2 November, giving you the opportunity to use them today. So check it out, and do not lose anything for free!

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