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Spotify gives new subscribers three months for free – Review Geek

  A laptop with Spotify on the screen.

If you are a new or former subscriber, Spotify has a few offers for you today. New subscribers can receive three months of Spotify Premium (at any level) free of charge today until June 30. And previous subscribers who canceled can receive a discount on Spotify Premium for individuals. You get Spotify for three months for $ 9.99.

The deal for new subscribers is the more generous offer in several ways. Not only do you get three months for free, but you can choose any plan. The deal is good for students, individual or family plans. When it comes to family plans (the most expensive offer) you will save $ 45. Family Premium plans also come with Spotify's Kids app, which recently received more extensive controls.

Former subscribers won't get as good a deal, but you'll still save some money. You can sign up for the service and pay $ 9.99 for three months. You can either think of it as $ 3 a month or buy a month and get two for free.

However, there is a problem, in order to be eligible for the previous subscription discount, your cancellation date must be April 1

4 or after. Sad people who broke off in March.

And sorry for the current subscribers too, because you don't get any offers to be loyal. The offers seem to benefit those who either can't afford to start a subscription right now or had to drop due to the ongoing pandemic.

You can get the deal by going to Spotify's premium site.

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