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Spotify goes to war against ad blocker, here's what you need to know

  Samsung S8 with Spotify and other apps on the screen

Spotify updated its terms of use to prohibit ad blockers, bots and fraudulent streams. If you use an ad blocker on the streaming service, you should quit, or you may be banned from the service.

Spotify sent an email to users who announced changes to the Terms of Use. It was using some simple English summaries in the email. While the usual boilerplate items were present, promised to more easily understand languages ​​and updated information about third-party subscriptions, applications and devices, some of the summary stood out:

We have updated our user guidelines and made it clear that all types of ad blockers, bots and fraudulent streaming activities are not allowed

Spotify is like any other business, in need of profit. But profitability has been extremely difficult, so much so that it only booked the first profitable quarter in the streaming service twelve-year history. It's a huge time to lose money quarterly after the quarter.

So these changes are designed to achieve two things. Make sure Spotify receives all the money it should (no ad blocker) and prevents Spotify from paying out any money it should not (no fake streams). Unfortunately for Spotify, in addition to browser blockers, there are apps for Windows and Android that are designed to block streaming service ads. If you use any of these options, you should probably stop immediately so your account will not be terminated.

Spotify clarifies in the wording that you accept the new terms of use by continuing to stream and the only way to choose is to close your account. If you continue to use ad blocker, Spotify says it will ban your account. The best way to avoid ads on Spotify is to pay for the premium service. If you do not want to pay for premium, you must stop using ad blockers and accept the ads.

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