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Spotify's new parental controls get you into your child's music – review Geek

  Spotify kids app with a song song option.

After launching a new Spotify Kids app last October, Spotify is back with even more controls for parents to love. Now parents can check out which songs their children were listening to and, if necessary, block songs from future gaming sessions. Since it's part of the Kids app, you'll need a family premium account to take advantage of the new controls.

Spotify targeted its Kids app to children from the age of three and up, so for the most part the music is cured. You can even set an age limit to keep the music appropriate for what your child is ready to hear. But curation is not perfect, and not all children are the same.

With that in mind, the new parental controls are a welcome (and requested) feature. Now you can check out your children's listening history to see which songs they streamed. If you find something inappropriate, you can block the song from future sessions.

  The Spotify app with a listening history option.

It's all good and good, but there is a side benefit that we can think of in addition to good parenting. Are you tired of hearing Olaf sing When ever Older from Frozen 2 ? Have you listened to the even worse version of In Just Can't Wait to Be King from "live action" Lion King 80 million times? Well, the new controls let you block them for a while. Sometimes parental control is less about protecting your children and more about protecting your reason. You can always unblock a song when you have had enough of a break.

To access the news settings, you must go to the "Grown Ups" selection and select the child you want to manage. Spotify says you can access the new controls starting today.

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