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Stimulation package: Negotiations on the edge of the knife? Status now


Congress is on the clock to reach an agreement before it breaks for the election.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Negotiations to nail down another financial stimulus bill continue, but there is still no clear way to adopt legislation before November 3 election. On Friday, the White House delivered a stimulus proposal of $ 1.8 trillion to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Now the pitch of the crosshairs is from both sides at a time.

“Unfortunately, Trump’s administration proposal does not meet the health needs of this crisis,” Pelosi wrote on Sunday.

The Republican opposition is so hardened among Senate Republicans, who oppose a major deal, that White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told other Republicans that “you will all come to my funeral” when he told Trump about the opposition to the bill. , Reported Washington Post Meadows says. However, both sides say they want Pelosi and Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin to continue negotiations.

With the election on November 3 just a hair over three weeks away and early voting in progress, Washington lawmakers have explored options ranging from the comprehensive rescue package to stand-alone bills for a second stimulus control and assistance to the aviation industry. The final bill is expected to contain one direct payment of up to $ 1,200 per person and a change in the rules on eligibility for maintenance beneficiaries it could provides more money for families.

“I do not think it’s dead at all,” White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on Sunday in CNN’s state. “If an agreement can be reached, [Senate Republicans] will agree to it. “In a letter released on Sunday, Mnuchin and Meadows are now calling for the re-use of PPP money for stimulus funding, even if it is not enough for stimulus control.

Continue reading for more clarity on the twists and turns of stimulus calls. We update this story frequently.

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Why did Trump initially pause stimulus talks?

On October 5, Pelosi said negotiators would reach an agreement on a comprehensive package “in one way or another,” despite sticking points. So why did Trump originally make the contact a day later?

According to Trump on October 6, his conviction that an agreement on a stimulus package would not be reached in the short term and the desire to quickly confirm the Supreme Court’s associate legal candidate Amy Coney Barrett led to the decision. It has been suggested that Trump and other high-ranking Republicans who tested positive for COVID-19 acquired the coronavirus on Barrett’s nomination day, at events where masking was not universal.

A tweet from Trump early on Tuesday clearly expressed a desire for more help: “When, immediately after I win, we will implement a major stimulus bill focusing on hard-working Americans and small businesses,” he tweeted. By Friday, however, efforts to put together an overall bill had doubled.

It is also suggested that a phone call on Tuesday with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was skeptical that the bill would pass the Senate, prompted Trump to abruptly end the talks. It has also been suggested that the huge backlash from economists, companies and even members of his own party, combined with an immediate downturn in the stock market, has also driven him to change course and embrace a larger package again.

When can a new relief bill pass?

Pelosi said Tuesday night that Congress could pick up the thread on another economic rescue package after the election. But when Trump calls for action now, we have proposed five possible dates, based on the new timeline, both before and after the November election. These are just speculative. In the case of a second stimulus control, here is how fast do we think the IRS can send one.

When could a stand-alone stimulus bill or package pass?

The voices of the house

The Senate votes

The President signs

26 October

October 27

October 28

November 9

November 10

11 November

16 November

November 17

November 18

November 23

November 24

November 25

February 1, 2021

February 2, 2021

February 3, 2021

Didn’t the house just make a new stimulus bill? What’s the story?

On October 1, the House of Representatives passed a revised heroic act which includes one second stimulus control and additional benefits For example improved unemployment benefits for tens of millions of Americans. However, the new House proposal, mostly approved by Democrats, has little chance of advancing through the Republican-controlled Senate.

According to Pelosi, the vote on the revised hero proposal was independent of ongoing negotiations with Mnuchin. If Pelosi and Mnuchin agree on a new proposal, a new bill would need to be drafted separately and voted on in both the House and Senate before it was signed into law. The total cost of the package and funding allocations as a tax credit for children have been the main sticking points.


Will America approve a new stimulus bill? Both sides agree that more help is needed.

Angela Lang / CNET

Why did the House vote on Heroes 2.0 if the talks continue?

The vote is believed to provide coverage for the House Democrats when they campaign without a new relief law, much like the Senate did earlier in September for Republican members with its meager $ 650 billion bill. Like the meager Senate bill, this new House proposal has little chance of advancing in the second chamber.

What areas do Democrats and Republicans agree on?

Suggestions from both sides include another incentive payment of up to $ 1,200 for individuals which meets the requirements, among topics such as aids for airlines, coronavirus testing and expansion of the company payroll check program.


Democrats and Republicans have not agreed on how much aid should be included in the stimulus package.

Sarah Tew / CNET

With the talks slower, could Trump take executive action?

After the talks originally collapsed on August 7, Trump signed an executive order and three memoranda the next day. It is possible that more executive action may come if this final attempt at negotiation fails before the election, but no development has taken place since Trump first suggested that his government could consider another executive measure to circumvent Congress.

It is unclear whether Trump would continue with more unilateral action at this time.

Pelosi expressed doubts about Trump’s ability to use executive orders for additional aids.

“No. No. He can not do this by executive order,” she said on October 5. “He can not make the money without the US Congress. The power of the bag begins in the House.”

Trump’s previous COVID-19 measures to enforce relief address to try slow expulsions, extension unemployment benefits to a lesser extent and defer payroll taxes until next year.

So what happens now?

The situation is still in motion. We are currently waiting to see if there is any development. Anything can still happen.

For more information, here is how soon you can get your second stimulus check and what to know about HEALS, CARES and Heroes stimulus proposals that can help inform a final package.

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