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Stop deleting iPhone notifications one by one – Clear all alerts at once by doing this «iOS and iPhone :: Gadget hack

If you’re like me, no matter how hard you try, your iPhone’s notifications are a mess. There are just too many of them. That’s when it’s helpful to just get rid of the whole gang and start over. However, deleting alerts one at a time is as tedious as it is unnecessary because you can clear all your messages at once.

The time-saving shortcut was introduced in iOS 10 for devices with 3D Touch. Later it spread to non-3D Touch devices running iOS 11, only working with taps instead of presses, before the function became the same across the line on iOS 12 and later.

To use it, open the lock screen or drag your notifications from the top of the screen anywhere else. Then swipe up until you get past the latest alerts and see “Message Center”

;. Then you have two options. A: long press (X) next to it and press “Clear all messages.” And two: press (X) and then “Clear”.

The tap (X) and then “Clear” was the way it was introduced in iOS 11 and still works on newer systems. Long press (X) and then press the “Clear All Messages” method was only in iOS 10 for 3D Touch models, and then appeared as an option for all devices in iOS 12 and later, after the iPhone XR with Haptic Touch came out. So if you are running iOS 12, iOS 13 or iOS 14, you have two choices, regardless of device.

However, the function can be confusing if you do not see that all warnings disappear. While clearing notifications is meant to get rid of all notifications in the Messaging Center, in our experience, newer above the “Notification Center” threshold will remain if the app it comes from was not also below the older section, no matter how you arrange your notifications for the app.

For example, if you have texts from messages below and above “Message Center” and clear alerts, they will all disappear. But if you have news articles above and none below, they will last. Strange, right? But once you think about it, it makes sense.

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