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Take a white Apple Watch Series 3 for $ 220 (only 38mm) – Review Geek

  A White Apple Smart Watch Series 3

If you've been thinking of jumping on the Apple Watch train, you can do it today for a cheaper one than ever before. Amazon sells the White Watch Series 3 for just $ 220, which is $ 60 of the normal price.

This deal is only for a particular model, however: the white 38mm version of the series 3. If you go to the Space Gray model, the price hopes for $ 250. Similarly, if you have a fleshy wrist and ant 42mm version, you expect a price cut of almost $ 1

00. It's nuts.

Series 3 Apple Watch has all the features you would expect from a premium smartwatch. It reflects messages from your phone, monitors your heart rate and helps you keep track of your fitness goals. You can also call or control Siri from the Apple watch and you can of course use it to control the time.

Keep in mind that Series 3 is the previous generation of Apple Watch. If you want to perform ECGs, you have to wait for the 4 Apple Watch series to go on sale.

As with any deal, you want to buy it when you can. There are many Apple fans out there, and they will surely hit you at the store right now.

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