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Take an Anker PowerWave wireless charger for $ 17 – review Geek

  Anchor PowerWave Wireless Charger

If the wireless charging habits start to get alert, it's time to take the plunge. You can buy a good wireless charger for the price of a USB-C cable with $ 1

7 Anchor PowerWave.

Right now, Amazon is selling this fast wireless charger for 35% off. Anchor is a leader in wireless charging technology, and such an agreement is kind of difficult. It charges cables that cost more than $ 17, and because this charger works with Android and iOS devices, you look like a bandit.

PowerWave is clearly different from your typical wireless charger. Instead of sitting flat, PowerWave functions as a kickstand. You can effectively see your phone's screen while it is charging, making PowerWave perfect for desktops, kitchen counters, and nightstands.

You do not need to remove the mobile box to use PowerWave if you are not using an abnormally thick case. And while PowerWave is not Qi or Quick-Charge certified, it still provides a quick charge to your phone. It offers 10-watt high-speed charging for Galaxy phones and 5-watt charging for iPhones. To get things in perspective a bit, the iPhone X comes with a 5 watt charging cable, and the Galaxy 9 comes with a 15 watt charging cable.

This is a good chance to get your hands on a neat wireless charging stand. But don't wait too long, for good deals can't be forever.

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