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Take an Apple Watch Series 3 for $ 200 – $ 230 – Review Geek

  Black and White Apple Watch Series 3 and Nike Black
Best Buy

Now is the time to break down and acknowledge your unapologetic appreciation for smart accessories. I know it's your deepest secret, but Best Buy sells Apple Watch Series 3 at a $ 80 discount.

This is the best deal we've seen for Series 3. And unlike previous offers, this Best Buy includes -shop 38mm and 42mm variants of the series 3 in three different colors.

For just $ 200 you can buy a 38mm white, black or Nike + Series 3 smartwatch. If a 38mm screen sounds so small for you, you can cover $ 230 for 42mm white, black or Nike + watch.

The Apple Watch Series 3 has all the features you would expect from a premium smartwatch. It reflects messages from your phone, monitors your heart rate and helps you keep track of your fitness goals. You can also call or control Siri from the Apple watch and of course you can use it to control the time. It is also "swimproof", so you can dive straight into the pool after a serious workout.

The Nike + variation in the Apple Watch Series 3 comes with some extras such as exclusive digital watches, a Nike sports band, and audio tracks for guided tours.

Keep in mind that Series 3 is the previous generation of Apple Watch. If you want to perform ECGs, wait for the 4 Apple Watch series to go on sale.

As with any good thing, you don't want to wait too long. Apple fans are like ravenous little monsters, and they track down all Best Buys discounted Apple Watches while staring at this article.

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