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Take back the scroll wheel in iOS 14 to select dates and times you could previously «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Before iOS 14, the date and time selector on the iPhone had been a scroll wheel for a very long time. Whether you loved it or hated it, it was like second nature to use it. Now you need to use a calendar and keyboard to enter dates and times. If you have become so accustomed to the old way and find the new method jarring, there is a trick to getting back the roll date and time selector.

While the primary method in iOS 14 for selecting dates is to go through the months in the calendar and tap on a day, there is a hidden scroll that you can unlock, complete with haptic feedback. Similarly, while it may seem like you have to press once and then use the number button on the keyboard to select numbers, there is a secret way to scroll ̵

1; even with haptic feedback.

The date and time selector are displayed in many places on your iPhone, including built-in apps like Calendar, Clock, Reminders, Safari and Settings, as well as in third-party apps. Depending on where you use it, you may have different results, but for the most part, you can take back the scroll wheel function quite easily.

Use the hidden scroll wheel for times

Whether you’re in Calendar, Clock, Reminders, Safari, Settings or another app, it works the same way. For example, the clock shows the timer when you create or edit an alarm. If you press the time box, the keyboard number key is displayed so that you can enter hours and minutes.

To use the scroll wheel, instead of pressing the time frame, just press either hour or minute and swipe your finger slowly up or down to scroll through the numbers. As you move your finger, the numbers scroll past and then lift your finger to select a number. Just repeat it for the second number.

In the Clock app, you can barely see it, but there are numbers that are partially seen above and below the selected numbers, indicating that you can really scroll. But in other apps, like Calendar or Reminders, you do not see it, but you can still browse there as well.

If you prefer the scroll wheel function much more than the new time selector, you will be happy to know that the timer function in the Clock app still uses the old style.

Use the hidden scroll wheel for dates

When it comes to dates in apps like Calendar, Reminders, Safari or Settings, the trick is similar. For example, in the calendar, tap the date to open the calendar, and then select a date from the calendar view. In my opinion this is better than before, but if you want you can still browse, but there is a catch.

The scroll wheel for dates is more limited than before, which means you can not select a day, but you can still scroll through months and years. To do so, from the calendar, tap the current month and year just above it on the left. The scroll wheel will be displayed and you can scroll through the month and year as before. To select a day, you must press month and year again to get the calendar back.

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