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Take your loose leaf tea along the way with these Travel Tea Infusers – Review Geek

It's hard to find loose leafy tea when you're away from home. But you can find hot water almost anywhere, so what prevents you from stepping some tea along the way?

Realistically, you can use everything to steal your loose leaf while on your way or at work. Embarrassment and inconvenience are the only things that can prevent you from carrying your granny-styled pot to a gas station for some hot water. But a dedicated Travel Tea infuser can work best. They are designed specifically to fit into cup holders, and they tend to keep you from making a huge mess or bridging your tea. Some of them double as portable coffee makers or cold water infusions (for things like cucumber, you know).

Of course, there are many products to choose from, and some Travel Infusers may not suit your specific needs. If you are the type of person who resumes your tea, you need an infusion that makes it as simple and as possible. If you are the kind of person who needs a big, insulted bottle for long trips, then you might want to avoid small glass infusers. Happy to you, we've taken the time to find and evaluate the best travel infusers for all your needs.

Pure Zen Infusion has got a reputation for its style and versatility. It's a good little product to steal tea or make mixed drinks on the go. You can actually choose to screw the clean zinc infusion basket into the top or bottom of the bottle, giving you many dumps options. The design helps you overcome the disadvantages of a single or only single infusion agent.

When stuck with one or the other, you solve the problem: If you screw it to the top, you can stop drinking water everywhere when you try to throw or throw away your tea leaves and you screw it into the bottom of the glass, then your tea is just about guaranteed to bridge. With this design you can flip the bottle over and open each end so you can drink your tea without bridging and without drinking tea everywhere.

The pure Zen infusion comes with a bamboo suitcase and a soft sleeve to keep contaminants from burning your hand. Double-walled glass gets warm enough to make sure you wear an sleeves. The sleeve doubles as additional protection for the glass cylinder, so that shocks and knocks do not damage the glass. This is a great option for people who need a versatile, safe and elegant infusion device. But if you're clumsy or dedicated to simplicity, then you might want something different.

Vibrating 1
6.9oz Insulated Thermosinfuser ($ 25)

Another popular resin fusion unit is the isolated thermosinfusion of Vibrant. It will keep your tea super hot without burning your hands, it is lined with stainless steel so you do not have to worry about eating any strange plastic and it can hold a giant 16.9 oz liquid. Vibrating infusion is supplied with a teabag for tea and a sieve for infusion fruit. They lie under the lid so they are both easy to remove from the bottle when you're done. But it's a bit difficult to pull a wet infusion basket out of a bottle when you're away from home or on the road, especially if you want to set it aside. At least your tea will not be excessive.

While insulation is a good feature, it takes a little more space and it leads to a less steep basket. It is ideal to steal a large amount of tea for as little time as possible. When you use a small amount of tea leaf in a large container of water, your tea takes a little longer and ends more bitterly. Because Vibrant forces you to steal a small amount of loose leaves in 16.9 oz of water, you end up with a drink that does not taste as good as you usually do. Of course, the convenience and size of this mug may be worth a cup of tea, which is a more contracting hair than usual (and unlike a full-sized mash or teapot, it fits in your cup holder).

Tea Forte 12oz KATI Ceramic Infusion Mug ($ 20)

If you have been on the market for an in-house infusion device, you've probably encountered Tea Forte's infusion bugs. They are quite straight mugs, and they come with a big tramp basket. They fit nicely in a cup holder, and they keep your liquid relatively warm without burning your hands.

When you burn your tea in a Tea Forte robbery, you notice that the infusion basket rests under the lid. This prevents you from bridging the tea because you have to remove the basket for a drink. It's good if you're in a controlled environment, like a hotel room or a gas station. But you will solve a problem if you suck while driving or walking around. Where should you put the light tea? You will get water everywhere if you try to throw it away or put it aside. It's also hard to save your leaves to resume, without making a mess, as you can imagine.

But it hurts aside honestly, this is a good robbery. It's really affordable, it comes with a big tramp basket, and it looks great. But you have to stop digging and take care of your tea leaves before driving around, which may not fit your tea-drinking-commuting workflow.

Espro 12oz Travel Tea Press ($ 35)

Espresso presses are basically a French press for tea. In fact, this infusion unit can give you twice as a French press trip. (But be careful about my warnings, it's hard to get the taste of coffee from a metal mug.) How do teas work? Well, you burned your tea for how long it needs steep, and then tap it to the bottom of the container with a grid. Espro has a "chamber" mesh that insulates your tea leaves after you are finished sipping to prevent overcrowding. It's good, especially because you can easily steep your tea leaves without drinking water everywhere. Just fill in and repeat.

You can carefully use Espro travel pressure for infused water, but it can not fully press down when it's full of fruit or cucumbers. You know it would be hard to drink this mug when the press pops out the top. In view of the press, the piston and the net are plastic that will not be as durable as the almost immortal metal parts of a traditional French press.

ZENS Portable 7oz Teapot with Bag ($ 49)

ZENS Portable Teapot is the small master of travel teasers. . It has a strange but efficient and clean design that is really good for portability. So how does this work? Well, the upper and lower part of the ZENS portable teapot is divided by a stainless steel screen. You put your hot water and tea leaves in the upper half of the teapot, wait for it to brake, and then press a button on the outside of the device to tension the fluid in the bottom chamber. Viola, you have separated your tea from the tea leaves without creating a huge mess. This is a great option for people who like to bring back their tea, as it is very easy to simply refill the ZENS top chamber with more hot water.

This is a fairly small infusion-7 oz liquid is practically nothing, especially if you have a long commute. ZENS glass will also be hot despite the double-wall design. It would be nice if there was an sleeve that you could hold while using it, but it comes with a stylish case to keep your infusion safe when in a backpack, bag or pocket.

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