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The 5 Best Free Twitter Clients for Android «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Twitter is in a way the square of our time where people can share and discuss ideas on a variety of topics. While the technical giant has its own app for Android, it's pretty bare legs in terms of features. This has paved the way for clients from third parties who are rich in customization options.

It's easy to get lost in the sea of ​​Twitter client apps found on the Google Play store, which makes the right fit a time-consuming process. But you're lucky ̵

1; we've done it for you by comparing the best Twitter clients in granular detail, looking at all the features to find out which one is the best. After countless hours of research, we are convinced that the apps below are the crop cream for free third-party Twitter clients for Android.

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Comparison Table

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Key Comparison Points

  • Play Store Rating: Total User App Ratings .
  • Supported accounts: The number of simultaneous Twitter logins you can use. Mixing work and pleasure can give you problems, so having a client that lets you stay across multiple accounts saves you from headaches to manually switch between them.
  • Price for Pro Version: Price for the whole
  • Profits: Purchasing the entire or professional version of an app will usually unlock more features along with ad removal.
  • Ad type: Because these are free apps, Ads is a necessary evil that we must live with. Some apps are better to handle it, but show ads in a brilliant way to make them almost unthinkable.
  • Widgets: This handy option lets you view new tweets directly on the device's home page.
  • Interactive Notifications: When supported, this small but useful feature can preview new tweets and other alerts to determine whether to open the app to show it completely or simply reject it.
  • App paths: Similar to the iPhone's 3D Touch, you can make tweets or send messages in the flight by long pressing the app's icon and tapping one of the available options from the pop-up that appears.
  • YouTube Playback in App: ] Watching YouTube videos from the app itself is perfect, as it saves you from having to switch between apps and lets you continue looking through your timeline without skipping one kind.
  • Instagram Image Support: Basically like watching YouTube videos above, but in this case, while looking at content like images and GIF files derived from Instagram.
  • Dark mode: Dark theme support has become a desirable feature for many, and it is not only easier
  • Customizable user interface: With the ability to personalize an application's user interface has become the standard of many apps and can extend from using different colors to changing fonts.
  • ] Swipe to Navigate: Navigation between many tabs can be boring when done with cranes alone, so having the ability to swipe sideways from one side to another has a great impact on improving the user experience.
  • Schedule Posts: ] This feature is especially useful for regular posters, as it allows them to automatically tweet ideas and thoughts periodically to keep their content flowing.
  • Post Muting: Your Twitter flow is constantly bursting with the distracting posts that often bury important tweets. Suppressing these annoying posts removes your flow and ensures that you only see what you need.
  • Download Content: With this functionality, it is very useful, as it allows you to save media in your device to enjoy whenever you want, without
  • Post GIFs Often a GIF can convey your thoughts and leave a stronger impression than words alone.
  • Location coding: With this feature you can share your location and is
  • Save sketches: A brilliant idea often comes out of nowhere, but it sometimes takes a little more time to string the right words together to properly convey the message. This is why drafts are useful.
  • Search Location: Where the search function is located inside the app. As an important feature, we preferred apps that let you search a button in the navigation bar of apps that force you to press a menu button, and then find the search option.
  • Send Direct Messages: The ability to send private messages to other Twitter users who are not publicly viewable.

Here's how to select these apps

To limit the area of ​​Twitter apps, we set some basic rules. First, all apps must have a free version, so exclude good options like Talon and Tweetings.

Then all apps must have a Play so that we can handle the best of the best. Save the rating of 4.3 stars or higher to make this list. This excludes several popular Twitter apps like Falcon, Plume and Finch.

From there we dropped our original list down to five apps based on how the device scored in the comparison points above. It left us with the top five Twitter client apps, which I will highlight in detail below.

App 1: Owly for Twitter

Owly for Twitter takes the apex thanks to useful features that seamlessly merge to enhance your Twitter experience, relatively free. Owly gives you the freedom to add so many Twitter accounts to meet your personal and professional needs, and that's just the beginning.

Owly offers most options for UI customization, allowing you to tweak its headers, navigable location, and even change the font style for a completely unique look. The app also gives you several dark themes to choose from, including blue, black and even purple.

Timeline filter is another strong fit of Owly. These allow you to disconnect your stream to display only tweets that you actually read and give you additional options to filter out distractions such as retweets, responses and video autoplay through a series of switches located on its setup page. In terms of ads, Owly enters those marketing content that interferes with your Twitter flow for smaller distractions.

(1) Media Attachments are displayed by default. (2) You can hide images, GIFs and videos, for easier browsing.

If you're big at downloading media, Owly has you covered too. The app lets you download all types of media directly to your device, including GIFs, videos, and images. In addition, Owly also supports widgets and app paths, allowing you to view and send tweets, search for a user, or even send a message from the convenience of the device's home page.

Restrictions on the app are few and far apart. These include a search function that is buried behind the three-point flow menu and the lack of sweep-based controls for navigating between different tabs such as instant messages and timeline. Fortunately, Owly has compensated this by allowing you to place the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to reach reach, which is useful if you have a large screen unit like Note 9.

App 2: TweetCaster [19659031] TweetCaster is another great Twitter client that comes with a healthy dose of features that other apps would normally charge for. For example, the app allows you to add as many Twitter accounts as you like without having to pay for a pro version, which is incredibly useful if you have two or more accounts for both private and work-related use.

Another standout feature available in TweetCaster is its Smart Filter system, which you can access via the overfill menu at the top right. This allows you to filter out the audio and display only keyword-specified tweets, media posts, gallery views, or tweets with links, and it also lets you hide retweeted content. If it's not enough, the app sends you separate notifications for each account along with a short preview, so there's no need to manually change accounts to view new content.

TweetCaster is similar to Owly, and has a wide range of light and dark themes that you can apply for a more customized flow. Unfortunately, the app's user interface is not as flexible, and while you can change the app's font size to help with reading, TweetCaster doesn't allow you to set its navigation bar to a location you choose. This is far from a contract breaker, because TweetCaster comes with gesture-based navigation so that you can directly see other tabs simply by seeping sideways.

To further separate from the rest of the package, TweetCaster allows you to schedule posts at a later time, together with the option to save them as drafts so that you can deactivate the tweet when you are happy with it, without having to start over. In addition, TweetCaster also supports in-app media viewing from both YouTube and Instagram for unlimited Twitter flow.

So giant as TweetCaster is, it has some flaws that ultimately kept it from grabbing the best spot. Mostly, TweetCaster is quite limited when it comes to directly downloading media content, so you can only save images. And while the app allows you to upload videos and GIFs, you redirect you to a YouTube login page that leads to a bug.

Static banner ads are always in TweetCaster and are permanently set at the bottom of the screen. While relatively discreet, these banner ads are still a moment, especially when compared to the promoted content found in apps like Owly that seamlessly integrate with your timeline. If you want to get rid of these ads to be good, be prepared to charge $ 4.99 for an ad-free experience.

App 3: Friendly for Twitter

Friendly for Twitter has a lively, pleasing eye layout that is easy to access and interact with thanks to an intuitive user interface and simplified settings that ensure you spend less time on to fine-tune around with the app and more time to enjoy the content of your Twitter feed.

App 4: TwitPane

But not so est Ethically appealing as Owly or Friendly, TwitPane still manages to differ from the rest of the audience thanks to its overall flexibility and customization options. In addition to the usual dark theme, the app lets you change the font size, remove annoying source files at the bottom of tweets and much more.

Where TwitPane really shines, But is in the tab customization. The app contains 15 separate tabs that can be accessed by side-by-side scrolling, including tabs for Timeline, Likes, Profile and Search, just to name a few. To minimize confusion, the app allows you to rearrange, delete or add new tabs that better suit your needs.

In addition, TwitPane comes with a number of other features that make it competitive with other Twitter apps, such as instant messaging, the ability to download media files directly to your device, tweet GIFs, save draft posts later and more. Thanks to the widget and app shortcuts, you can even see and send tweets without having to access the app for added convenience.

On the back of the coin, TwitPane lets you just log in to three separate accounts, which may be less than perfect If you trust more than for social media that needs to be related to your work or hobby. And as TweetCaster, the app has static banner ads that appear prominently at the top of the screen.

Finally, TwitPane is also limited when third party support goes – it does not allow you to watch YouTube videos within the app or view content hosted on Instagram. Overall, TwitPane is still a good choice if you are in the market for a Twitter app that gives you control over which tabs you want to access and doesn't mind the relatively small issues mentioned above.

App 5: Tweecha Lite

Load, but not least, is Tweecha Lite, a simple Twitter app that comes with a number of great features and options to maximize your social media experience without getting lost in the UI -adaptation. The app can try, with the ability to buy its full version for $ 5.49 to get rid of banner ads and unlock more features.

Tweecha Lite has an amazing 18 separate tabs covering all bases for tweeting. In addition to the most important timeline, you also get separate pages for notes, tweets you have made, and answers you may have received, a search page with custom options for advanced searches, retweets, likes – the list goes on.

Of course, the large amount of tabs can make navigation through the Tweecha Lite difficult. To help get around, the app uses a simplified navigation bar at the bottom for key features such as quick tweeting and quick access to all tabs via a menu button. In addition, the app gives you the opportunity to cycle through their sides by pulling left or right.

If you are accustomed to carefully designing tweets before sending them to the world, Tweecha Lite lets you save unsolicited tweets as drafts that you can return and post at a later date. In addition, the app comes with a dark theme that can be accessed within the "Color settings" section of the app's settings page. However, the options for customizing the app's user interface are quite limited and basically consists of tweaking background colors of specific tweets for easier sorting.


In the end, Owly won because of his careful balance between ease of use and customization. However, it was far from a blowout, as the other programs on this list were equipped with features that make them good choices, such as TweetCaster's smart filters, Friendly's battery optimization and Tweecha Lite's intuitive navigation controls.

What is your go-to Twitter client app and what do you love about it? We look forward to hearing your thoughts, so do not hesitate to share them by sending in the comment section below.

This article has been produced under the Gadget Hack's special coverage to become a social media expert on your phone. More information and tips to help you use Twitter as a pro

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