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The 8 best tips for shopping with Alexa

Voice purchase with Alexa is a great way to store without having to go to the store. With just one command, your Alexa device can add items to your Amazon cart and then purchase and track your order.

Here's how you can benefit from the function and even save some money.

first Set Alexa Voice Purchases

There are some basic steps to follow before you can trade with your Alexa device. First you need to register as an Amazon Prime member. It costs $ 119 a year, but it's important that you shop with Alexa.

Next, go to your Alexa app and select Menu> Preferences> Alexa Account> Voice Purchases. Switch on Buy via voice. Go to 1

-Click Preferences on the site and set up a payment method.

To buy something, say "Alexa, add (item) to my cart". Alexa finds the item and adds it to your shopping cart. When you're done adding items, say "Alexa, order items in my cart" and confirm.

2nd Be specific or vague

If you know exactly what you want, tell Alexa. Mention brand, quantity and color. For example, "Alexa, add two black Sharpie markers to my cart."

If you don't know which brand you want, don't worry. You can request something non-specific and Alexa will choose an Amazon Prime article for you, for example, if I say, "Alexa, put black permanent markers in my cart", she will select a Prime item for that category and put it in my cart.

If there is an Amazon branded item available, Alexa will choose to go into your shopping cart over other brands. If I say, "Alexa, add kids cloths in my cart", Amazon Elements Baby Wipes will go in my cart instead of Pampers or Huggies, for example.

If you've ordered an item before, Amazon remembers your trademark preference and adds that mark to the item in the cart. It's true whether you've ordered the item on the Amazon website or with Alexa.

3rd Ask what is in your cart

It is easy to forget what is in your cart, so before confirming a purchase, ask "Alexa, what in my cart" and y we hear the list of products. This prevents you ordering too many articles if you accidentally added something twice, as this man did .

4th Prevent unwanted orders with a voice tag

There are several cases of children ordering items from Amazon without permission. Oddly, even a parrot can order without any problem To avoid unwanted purchases, it is best to set a four-digit voice tag for approval of purchases.

To create a code, go to the app and press Menu> Settings> Alexa Account> Voice Purchase . Then enter a four-digit code that you want to use and press Go . Make sure you remember the code because you need it the next time you confirm an order.

5th Use Prime Now

You can order Prime Now articles via Alexa, but you need to be sure you specify that you want the Nu service.

Say something like "Order (item) from Prime Now." If the item is available for two hours delivery, it will be placed in your shopping cart and you must order and confirm the item so that it is sent immediately.

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Alexa can now talk to you through a robot head


6th Get discounts

Save money with Alexa is easy. Just set, "Alexa, find me offers on Amazon."

Alexa will list an item that is for sale and ask you if you want to buy it. You can say "yes" to add it to your cart or "no" to proceed to the next deal.

7th Buy Gifts

Alexa can help you make gift ideas and add them to a list so you can buy them later, which can be a lifesaver during the holiday season. Brian Bennett has a good guide on how to deal with gifts with Alexa .

Can't bring a gift idea, even with help? You can also order gift cards with Alexa .

8th Finding Your Packages

You can use Alexa to track your parcels when ordered as well. Just ask, "Alexa, where's my package?" Alexa will tell you when the goods were bought and when they are scheduled to come home.

You can also have her automatically send updates by going to the app and tapping Settings> Messages> Shipping Messages . Then you switch to the notifications you want.

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