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The best advent calendar to count down to Christmas with your kids – review Geek

Tis the season to be jolly and to keep your kids vaguely sane running until Christmas. An advent calendar also gives them fun on each day, while reminding them of how close Christmas is.

Yes, it may be a little contra-intuitive to keep them calm. However, they are a fun tradition and we have checked out the best advent calendars out there for your children.

Now it is worth remembering that you must come quickly. The best advent calendars are sold quickly so you do not want to wait. No one wants a disappointed child because you waited too long and even with overnight delivery, it will not be here on time, right? We have covered a wide range of advent calendar, so there is something for most tastes. Many of the advent calendars provide toys or gifts that you can use all year round, making them a great value.

Here is our choice of gang.

Best for older children (or children who like them): Mouttop Advent Calendar Charm Bracelet ($ 20)

Mouttop Advent Calendar Charm Bracelet is a pretty cute idea. On the first day you get a charm band with the rest of the month devoted to getting a new charm to attach to it every day. The pendants represent a mixture of crystalline stylikons, hearts, stars and other sweet things.

Jewelry is made of environmental alloy and is free from allergens, so it's decent quality material. This is the perfect advent calendar for adamant children, they are more adults than they used to be but are still keen on cute, shiny things.

Best for Different: Hatchimals Collegebibles Advent Calendar ($ 18)

Some advent calendar can get a little the same day after day. That's certainly not the case with Hatchimals Colleggtibles Advent Calendar. It offers a mix of toys, stickers, accessories and paper architecture-all with the sweet Hatchimals theme.

The calendar opens to create a winter spot for sharing the items with a cute holiday scene that develops before the eyes of the children during the month. Included are exclusive characters that you can not come anywhere else, which further increases the temptation to buy this for your Hatchimals fans.

Best for Lego fans: Lego Advent Calendar ($ 40- $ 50)

The Lego Advent Calendar is nice as the Holy Grail of Adventkalendar. Often difficult to get hold of and really expensive, it is also wonderful. Everyday, you get a Lego character or object to build, and everything comes together to form a cool Lego scene.

Now things get a little complicated. There are some different types of Lego Advent Calendar. You can get a fairly traditional Christmas eve calendar for about 50 kronor. Expect cute Santa Claus figures and snowmen in lots. You can also get a cute Lego Friends advent calendar for about $ 42 and this is more like a crossover between Barbie and Lego, with some great things to reuse throughout the year.

Finally, Lego Star Wars fits well and usually costs about $ 50. It's less Christmassy than the others, but the characters are pretty cool and typical of the Star Wars franchise. Who can resist being able to build a tie fighter or AT-AT a December morning?

In all these cases, it is often easier to buy advent calendar from previous years. Each year, a new version of a Lego Advent Calendar is released with different parts and figures, but the principle remains the same. If your child has never had one earlier, it may be easier to buy an older version, as well as cheaper. At present, Amazon has two different Lego Star Wars Advent Calendars (one from 2018 and one from 2017), and the choice is worth trying. It's a similar case with Lego Friends (this year's model, and last year) and Lego City (2018 compared to 2017) as well. Anyway, the result is lots of fun.

Best for Paw Patrol Fans: Paw Patrol Advent Calendar ($ 25)

Preferably all the little children on Earth's surface adore Paw Patrol. Cute puppies who are also heroes are quite appealing, I guess. The Paw Patrol Advent Calendar is similarly adorable. Every day, your child will either get a new Paw Patrol figure or a piece of furniture or landscape to interact with.

Everything about this advent calendar is winter theme so it fits the holiday spirit perfectly. Even though the toys are seasonal, they are still as fun to play with someone another time of the year.

Best to Play All Year: Hot Wheels Advent Calendar ($ 46)

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar offers eight decorated Hot Wheels cars and 16 accessories. In any case, those types of things that your child can easily reuse in imaginative games for the rest of the year. Sure, they are a little seasonal and festive, but nothing can not be rectified with little imagination in the middle of summer.

Included in the advent calendar is a folding play mat, so this is quite good value for the quantity of things you get too.

Best for Doll fans: Barbie Careers Advent Calendar ($ 32)

Barbie dolls and accessories are not cheap, so in many ways Barbie Careers Advent Calendar is a bit of a bargain. On the first day, you get your child a Barbie doll with all subsequent days offering career related clothes and accessories.

Throughout the month you will dress up Barbie as a ballerina, baker, skater, veterinarian, skier, and much more. It's exciting to see what goes through each door, and exactly what kind of toy the kids will love to play with the whole year.

Best to do: Crayola Christmas Countdown Activity Calendar ($ 20)

Christmas is a great time for arts and crafts. A great way to distract the children from the forthcoming "OMG Santa comes" feeling is to make them draw or make some nice Christmas decorations or cards. The Crayola Christmas Countdown Activity Calendar gives them a Crayola object and corresponding activity for each day of the month.

By following the calendar, your child can create fun memories every day, which can then be given as gifts or saved for future years. It's fun, kind of education and gives them something to do for a little while each day.

Best to add your own gifts: OurWarm Felt Christmas Advent Calendar ($ 17)

A fun alternative to the usual advent calendar is to purchase OurWarm Field Christmas Advent Calendar. It's a cute felt Christmas tree that you hang on and then fill your own gifts and sweets.

It means a little more effort for you – the parent – but also ensures that your child becomes exactly the treat you know they will love every day. It also looks like a fun Christmas decoration that easily fits into your home decor this holiday season.

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