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The best Android Q feature you've never heard of

I have a sheet of paper with my Wi-Fi name password printed on what I leave to guests so they can log in to the Wi-Fi network. But this method of sharing is not foolproof and can still take visitors some attempts to enter correctly. With Android Q I recover that sheet.

No longer giving family and friends the paper with my Wi-Fi password. I no longer want to look for the password on my modem's label when I move the paper. And for my guests, it suspects no more. In Android Q the next version of the Android OS from Google, I can generate a QR code with the references in my Wi-Fi network that guests can quickly scan with the camera's camera to log in. Of all the cool new features I have used so far in Android Q, it can be the best and what I look most forward to using.

Sure, you can find third party apps to do this on Android phones, but they may require you to manually enter your network information as part of the installation. In Android Q, just tap a button in your Wi-Fi settings to create a QR code to share. And then scan it, open your iPhone or Android camera app, scan the code and press to join. The process is based on the Wi-Fi Alliance's Wi-Fi Easy Connect standard for sharing network tasks with a QR code.

Android Q will also allow you to add smart-home devices ̵

1; including the internet of things to devices – to the Wi-Fi network you manage through a QR code on a sticker or monitor you are scanning with. your Android camera app. Note that the device needs to support the Easy Connect Wi-Fi standard for this to work.

I expect to hear more about Android Q card with Google I / O developer conference around the corner.

Create a QR code for a Wi-Fi network [19659007] androidqdarkmodewifi "height =" 0 "width =" 270 "/>

Scan the QR code to join the network.

Screenshot by Tuong Nguyen / CNET

In Android Q, you can share your Wi-Fi data through a QR code.

  1. Go to Settings, then Network and Internet, then your Wi-Fi network name and press the switch to the right of your network.

  2. In the Network Details window, press the blue Share button to the right.

  3. Enter your password to create a QR code with Wi-Fi name and password.

It doesn't seem like a way to save the QR code, so you have to regenerate it every time you use it. However, you can take a screenshot of the QR code and show it on your phone to the guests. I have done it.

Scanning a QR code to connect to a network

On Android, you can select "Add Network" at the bottom of the Wi-Fi settings to scan a QR code. However, what is easier is that the camera program can scan QR codes when turning on lenses.

  1. Open Android Camera App.

  2. If you haven't used lenses yet, press More in the camera settings that cross the bottom.

  3. Touch lenses, and then press Turn on the camera to use lenses.

  4. Now place the camera's viewfinder over the QR code and point to the code.

  5. When the network name appears under the QR code, press on it to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

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On an iPhone ($ 1000 on Amazon) and iPad ($ 279 on Amazon) runs jagOS 11, it's even easier:

  1. Open the app iOS Camera.

  2. Place the viewfinder's viewfinder over the QR code. When the camera recognizes the QR code, a message appears.

  3. Touch the message to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

On iPhone or Android, once you have pressed the message, you are on the Wi-Fi network without writing a password.

Originally published April 16, September 5th. PT.

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