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The best aromatherapy diffusers to freshen up your home – Review Geek

Aromatherapy diffusors are becoming more popular every year, and they have become quite cheap. Why not introduce a soothing, chemically free scent to your home?

Maybe you would like to fall in peace of lavender and eucalyptus after an exhausting day at work. Or maybe you live with some pets (or people) who can not help but to pollute the entire apartment with its straight stink. Regardless of your fragrance, diffusers are a cheap and effective way to create a more appealing aromatic atmosphere in your home.

So how does this work? Well, first dump some water into the diffuser's tank and then drop a few drops of essential oil into the water. I like to exaggerate it and shake in as many drops as I can, but you only need some. When you turn on the device, create a nice fog with a small ultrasound pad in the tank and give a nice fog (sometimes assisted with a small fan or just playing, waterfall-like, at the top).

The aromatherapy diffuser market is a little bit saturated, so we've taken the time to find the best diffusers you can buy. All these diffusers are unique and useful for different circumstances, but you can expect them to run quietly (about 1

5 db), turn off automatically when the tank is empty and has some kind of LED accent.

InnoGear 500ml Diffuser ($ 24)

InnoGear 500ml is the most affordable aromatherapy diffuser with high capacity you can buy. It looks good, has a color changing light and exposes a much more powerful fog than less diffusers.

If you want to make your entire house smell like sweetheart, you can run this bad boy in his strong fog "for 10 to 15 hours before it needs to be replenished. If you're just trying to make a bedroom or office good, you can You set InnoGear to a "low fog" mode for between 15 and 20 hours. So those of you who wake up for 15 to 20 hours a day can now spend the worrying hours of sweet and sophisticated sweet smell.

You have every reason to seriously consider the InnoGear 500ml. It's cheap, reliable, powerful and it can run all day. If you want something smaller, smarter or more portable, keep checking our list.

InnoGear 100ml diffuser ($ 16)

InnoGear 100ml is a simple and reliable aromatherapy diffuser. It has a classic design that you probably see if you are familiar with the diffuser market and some default settings for time interval (1 hour, 3 hours and drive to empty). You can cycle through 7 color settings, if you want a night light or some romantic mood lighting. This diffuser also has an "intermittent" dimming mode, which means it starts and stops at 30 seconds increment. During standard mowing, InnoGear 100ml works for 7 to 9 hours. In the "intermittent" mode, it can work for 9 to 11 hours.

There is not much to say about InnoGear 100ml, and that's a good thing. It is cheap, reliable and easy to use. It does not look ostlikt or spotty, and it's good to make your home smelly fine. The only downside of this diffuser is its capacity and power. Yes, 7 to 9 hours is a long driving time, but this means that this diffuser evaporates water very slowly and produces very little fog at a time. A low effect is good for a small room, but this diffuser will not dramatically change the smell of your home.

Aptoyu 200ml Diffuser ($ 12)

If you're looking for something sweet and portable, Aptoyu 200ml can be right in your alley. It is powered by a USB cable so you can connect it to the computer at work or connect it with a portable battery on the subway. If you choose to wear Aptoyu in general, you can impress people by cycling through their LED color settings.

If you've fallen in love with the Aptoyu look, you're welcome to know that it's not just a cheap joke. This case holds twice as much water as InnoGear 100ml, and it has the same "intermittent fog" mode. which turns the diffuser on and off with 30 seconds.

However, Aptoyu runtime can guide you. Although it holds twice as much water as InnoGear 100ml, Aptoyu can only run for about 6 hours before it needs to be refilled. that Aptoyus train current is stronger than InnoGear 100ml, but it can not run almost as long.

ALOVECO 300ml remote diffuser ($ 23)

If a sumptuous and sweet potato-friendly diffuser draws your interest, you should look at the ALOVECO 300ml remote diffuser. This baby comes with a remote control so you can stay while changing the diffuser's LED color or dimming mode. Like some of our other diffusers, ALOVECO has an "intermittent" misting mode that turns off fog and off for 30-minute intervals. Between its strong and weak dim positions ALOVECO can run for about 10 hours at a time.

The remote control is super cool, but here is the case. Some people like to fill their aromatherapy diffuser to the board, hit it suck and let it run until it's empty. If you're that kind of person, you can also forget about the remote control. ALOVECO is best for fidgety people who change settings on the diffuser every couple of hours. Perhaps you want to put one of these things on a high shelf, or maybe you want it behind some furniture. Anyway, this is a big diffuser, but some people will not use any of the remote controls.

Sierra Modern Home 400ml Smart Diffuser ($ 37)

Would not you love to be a cradle of a decadent fog of jasmine and peppermint without going up to turn on a diffuser? Unlike a common old-fashioned aromatherapy diffuser, Sierra Modern Home Smart Diffuser can be powered by a smartphone, a Google Home device, or an Alexa device. This means you can control the diffuser's LED color, dimming density, and timer duration without lifting a finger.

But the most useful aspect of the Sierra Smart diffuser is its scheduling function. You can program smart diffuser to active at certain times of the week. Imagine coming home to the smell of eucalyptus or tea tree without a second thought?

Although you can not tell your phone to fill the smart diffuser, you may not need to worry about filling it all the time. 400 ml is a lot of water, and you can drive the smart diffuser for 12 hours before it goes dry. If you ran this case for an hour a day, it would take about two weeks without replenishing. It's quite luxurious.

AromaAllure Waterless Portable Diffuser ($ 22)

Not every aromatherapy diffuser needs to produce fog. Perhaps you are a teacher or an office worker who wants to embrace the smell of sweet orange without using chemicals or creating a fog. Perhaps you are interested in taking the smell of eucalyptus and tea tree on the go, but you can not fill a typical diffuser in the car. AromaAllure Waterless Portable Diffuser does not produce a fog because it does not use water. It's a discreet, powerful smith manufacturer that can be powered by USB cable or AAA batteries.

How does this fuss work? Magic? When you open AromaAllure, you'll see a small cloth over a small fan. You drop some oil on the fabric, close the diffuser and turn it on. The small little fan gives a warm airflow in the diffuser, and a strong odor is emitted from the lid.

While AromaAllure may not be as romantic as a typical aromatherapy diffuser, it is much more portable and discreet. Again, this is a great option for people who want to take essential oils on the go, or who want to avoid making a mist.

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