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The best board games to play with children (while keeping your sanity) – review Geek

  Children playing HABA animals on animal games

Board games are a great way to entertain your children, but you want to have fun too, right? We have looked at the best table games to play with your kids who are still exciting for you as well.

When everything is played Chutes & Ladders for the 300s, we can prove that some board games can be quite boring even if your kids love them. All games listed here are lots of fun if you are young or old. They also work brilliantly as an introduction to more adult table games so you are about to create a board game player in the future.

Here is our choice of the best board games to play with kids while keeping your sanity.

Best for cooperative puzzle solution: Whowasit? ($ 35) [1
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Collaboration is a valuable life knowledge and who does not want to encourage their children to cooperate with each other a little more? Game Whowasit? is a fun way to encourage such healthy habits while enhancing memory and tactical skills. Better than it is interesting enough that you will enjoy playing together.

The game is located in a mysterious castle. The king's magic ring has been stolen and it's down to your team with private eyes to find out who did it. Players accomplish this by talking to the animals around the castle. Designed for children aged 7 years, it works well for between two and four players. There is also a lot of playback value thanks to the electronic clue chest that controls the game while each gig is different. It also supports different levels of difficulty, so no one is left behind.

Best Tilbased Games: My First Carcassonne ($ 35)

  My First Carcassonne Board Game
Z-Man Games

The popular tile game Carcassonne is a worldwide hit thanks to the simple yet elegant game design that is easy to teach and fun to play. This My first Carcassonne version is ideal for children from 4 years and up to jumping onto the tile floor. Play sessions only take about 20 minutes without telling you so it is perfect if your children are a little impatient (as most are).

The idea is that Carcasson's streets are filled with children trying to catch animals. Rather than having to count points or managing the complexity of the original Carcassone game (where you get points to capture different parts of the tile world you build), players simply place tiles to build the city every time you close a street with one or more children of your color you get the chance to place beans on the board. Be the first to put all your beans and you win. It is easy for children of all ages to understand, but also tactically enough that you will also enjoy it.

Best for tactical games: Animals on animals ($ 21)

  Animals on animals
HABA games

] Sometimes it is good to get more hands-on with a board game and Animal Upon Animal scratches like itch perfectly. It is a stacking game for 2 to 4 players, 4 years and older. The players have to compete to be the first to put all their tree animals in the animal chick before someone else.

The game is pretty simple-roll the dice to see how many animals you can place or if you can add the alligator base to make the pyramid longer. Other variants include that the other players choose which of your animals you can stack. There is even a solo variant if your child dies to play but no one can play right now. It's a really tactile experience and the kids will surely enjoy playing with the animal pieces.

Catan Junior

Catan Junior

Who doesn't do I love Catan? Catan Junior is the perfect introduction to Catlers Settlers, who rationalize things just so your children will engulf.

The purpose of children aged 6 and over is that it is easy to learn within about 10-15 minutes. Sessions only take 30 minutes so they are fast and fun. Putting on a ring of tropical islands with charming names, players need to build ships to expand their empire and hold onto the world, while getting more resources as they go along. There is a sharp strategy here, but it's easily done so your kids can easily retrieve it. In the meantime, you will not be bored, either as you still get to participate in some strategic game.

Most Quirky: Rhino Hero ($ 15)

  Rhino Hero Board Game
HABA Games

Rhino Hero is really quite odd. This is because it is a 3D card stacking game that can grow to over 3 meters high. Rhino Hero himself tries to build a skyscraper as long and solid as possible, and it is up to children from the age of 5 and older to help him succeed.

The winner is the player who first placed all his roof cards so it is easy to keep track of how everyone is doing. Some roof maps have different symbols that determine the construction process, such as which direction can be taken, so there is a good tactical edge for the game's progress. In the end, however, it is fun to see how the tower grows and develops.

Best traditional board game: Ticket to ride: First trip ($ 23)

  Ticket to Ride: First trip
Days of Wonder

] If you are willing to get your children to more traditional board games, then you can't go wrong with Ticket To Ride: First Journey. It is a simplified version of the classic table game that promises to take less than 30 minutes to play through. Players compete to stop forming six tickets before anyone else.

As in the main game, it is about planning and claiming routes, but it is a bit more colorful and a little more simple done than the original game. This is because the roads are shorter and train cards are drawn directly from the deck, but if you have played the original it feels quite familiar. It is a bit more successful than the full game, but it is a good bridge between a child's game and a more mature experience.

Best for Educational Logic: Outfoxed ($ 20)

  Outfoxed Board Game
Gamewright [19659003] Many games teach your kids valuable logical skills but we think Outfoxed does it best. It's a cooperative whodunnit game where kids have to find out who stole Mrs Plumpert's prized pot cake. It's as sweet as it sounds and kind of plays like Clue for kids. There are suspicious cards with a fox's image and name, along with clues that can be found and pieced together.

The clues are simple things like how the thief can wear glasses or scarf, or they can have an umbrella. It is all things that young children can put together and divert who did what. It is a bit of luck based on the fact that it also uses dice to find out what happens next but it is a rewarding experience and deceptively pedagogical.

Best Fantasy Game: Dragonwood ($ 15)

  Dragonwood Board Game

If your kids love the idea of ​​delving into a fantasy world then you can't go wrong with Dragonwood. As well for both young and old, players have to explore Dragonwood's mysterious forest to fight monsters and find spells.

Each card is beautifully illustrated and it is a wonderful world to live in. There is some luck, but the strategy is also important. It's a great way to encourage your kids to use their imagination and they can even spend some time creating their own stories as they go. Each time it only takes about 20 minutes to complete.

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