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The best cheap Dash Cam deals for October 2020

A good dash camera is a healthy investment. If you take frequent car journeys, dash cameras continuously record what is happening in front of you and in some cases what is happening behind you or even inside your vehicle. Dash cameras can be a good gift in the event of an accident and provide evidence for you and your insurance company in the event of an accident.

If you are a rideshare driver, a stretch camera is an equally important accessory. In the event of an incident inside your car, you will be able to provide Uber or Lyft with evidence of what happened ̵

1; and in some cases, this has prevented shady passengers from trying to file false claims against drivers, which could disable them. Some drivers say they feel extra secure with a stretch camera inside the car because passengers know they are always being recorded.

We have compiled some of the best bar camera deals below, along with some tips on how to choose the right bar camera.

Today’s best dash cam deals

  • APEMAN C550 Dual Dash Cam$ 42 with coupon on the product page, was $ 59
  • YUNDOO B-DT28 Dual Dash Cam$ 50, was $ 60
  • AUKEY 4K Dash Cam$ 90, was $ 110
  • Garmin Dash Cam Mini$ 92, was $ 130
  • Anchor Roav Dual Dash Cam Duo $ 100, was $ 130
  • LANMODO Night Night Vision Camera$ 299 with coupon 20LMMDDT and page code (two discounts), was $ 499

How to choose a stretch camera

Which line camera you choose depends on your needs. Each line camera obviously gives you a front view of what’s happening in front of you – the cheapest only offers this view. More expensive cameras give you either a view inside your car or a secondary camera that you can place in your rear windshield to see behind your car.

Although front cameras are only cheaper, we recommend cameras that offer either internal or rear cameras. Remember that accidents do not always happen in front of you – sometimes you will be hit from behind. Rideshare drivers should also choose a camera that offers an interior view, because in the event of an incident, you also want proof of what is happening inside the car.

We also recommend a camera with night vision functions both inside and out. At night, cheaper stretch cameras will not provide the detail you need to make the film useful. Again, for rideshare drivers, night vision inside will be preferable – many of us drive at night, so it’s beneficial to be able to see what’s going on inside the car clearly in the dark.

When it comes to resolution, look for a camera with a resolution of at least 1080p. You also want to look at some examples of images first (many line cameras have reviews on YouTube that include this). Some cameras work better than others. Although 4K dash cameras are now available, in most cases you will probably be able to settle for 1080p without losing much image sharpness.

Does dashcam lower insurance?

No. As far as we know at the moment, no insurance company gives a discount for installing a dash camera inside your car. Though, Having a stretch camera installed can keep your prices low in the long run. In many accident insurance claims, what happens can quickly become a case of “he said,” she said. Without video evidence, you may find yourself partially at fault for an accident that may not have been your fault at all. Dash cam video can help you keep your prices lower because you have a video of what happened in the accident.

Do dash cams have night vision?

A majority of mid-range and high-end line cameras will have night vision – and even some cheaper cameras as well. What we will warn is not that the whole night vision is created equal. We have seen significant variations in the quality of night vision between line cameras – even those with a similar price. Take some time before you buy to look at examples of night vision, so that you get the best possible currency.

Do recording cameras record sound?

Some do it and others do not – even if a large majority do it. Remember that the recorded sound comes from inside your vehicle and not outside. As a result, everything that happens outside the car that you might want to hear will not be as audible as what happens inside the vehicle. If you are a rideshare driver, we strongly recommend that you purchase a dash camera that does.

Do dash cameras need to be connected?

While some line cameras can be charged and run without always being connected, our recommendation is to have your dash camera continuously connected to a power source. The last thing you want during an incident is to find your dashcam’s battery out.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details and availability of the products and offers in this post are subject to change at any time. Make sure they are still in effect before making a purchase.

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