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The best Chrome extensions for online security and security

Chrome comes with features and commands that allow you to delete cookies, wipe your browsing history and open web pages via Incognito Mode. But these functions can be difficult to find and access. Click & Clean offers all these abilities and more through an easily accessible panel.

In addition to deleting your cookies and history and browsing incognito, you can quickly delete your browsing data, either immediately or when you close Chrome. view and delete pages stored in the cache and run a privacy check and scan for malware.

Install Click & Clean, right-click the icon on the toolbar and select Options. From the options panel, you can decide which items you want to delete at any time when clearing your data: web history, cache, saved passwords, download history, cookies, form data, and more. You can either choose each item separately or choose a general level of protection ranging from low to high.

Surf the web as normal. At any time, click the icon on the toolbar to display the panel with all available features and commands. The main part offers options to safely close the browser, clear private data, view the cache, view and delete your history, go incognito and manage your cookies. If you select a particular option, the related data will be displayed so that you can view and delete it.

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