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The best Chrome extensions to help you save money online – Review Geek

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There are ways to save money when shopping online in addition to waiting for a good sale to roll around. We found some Chrome extensions that are specifically designed to sniff out coupon codes and other discounts and then automatically apply them to your shopping cart before you check out.

In addition to finding coupon codes, these add-ons usually have other benefits, such as rewards programs and price tracking. If you prefer to track prices manually, you can also install the Camelizer extension from CamelCamelCamel. This service stores historical pricing and is a great way to tell if a sale only saves a few dollars or if it is the best price ever offered on a product. It is an invaluable tool that, when paired with one of these add-ons, surely saves money on everything from dinner to electronics.

Price tracking and automatic codes: darling

Screenshots of the Honey Chrome browser extension to save money and earn rewards

You’ve probably heard of Honey (for free) from an ad, but it’s really a great way to save money when you shop online on over 30,000 sites. The popular supplement starts just before you pay for what is in your shopping cart. It searches for valid coupon codes online, tests them each and automatically uses the best one. It also has exclusive promotional codes that you will not find anywhere else.

With Honey, you can also earn rewards called Honey Gold. The more you shop, the more gold you will collect, which you can eventually use on gift cards from your favorite stores. It can also compare sellers on Amazon, bring in Prime status and shipping, and it has built-in tools for price tracking. Honey also has a more general Droplist feature that allows you to add an item to your Droplist and then receive a notification when a price drop is discovered in other stores.

Coupons and Cash Back: Rakuten

Rakuten Chrome browser extension screenshots to make money back shopping at popular stores

Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten (Free) not only does a great job of finding applicable coupons for your purchases, it also lets you earn cashback on some of them. It shows cashback prices for a product when you look it up in a search engine so you can compare prices in different stores before you click on one, and lets you know if there is another store with better cashback prices than the one you is currently on before going through your purchase.

The Rakuten extension finds and applies codes automatically when you are ready to check out – you do not need to do anything extra. It works seamlessly in popular stores such as Walmart, Kohl’s, Target and others.

Real-time discounts from the community: WikiBuy

WikiBuy Chrome browser extension to see the latest offers while shopping, from other WikiBuy users

WikiBuy (free) is a tool from Capital One that helps you find the latest discounts from popular online retailers. The add-on is run by over a million community users who also share coupons and lower price discoveries. Once a coupon has been inserted and the WikiBuy system sees that it works, it is automatically shared with others. The same goes for offers; When a user finds a good deal in a store, the system shares it with other users and notifies them from its browser.

The extension also lets you earn loyalty rewards from popular online retailers such as Macy’s, eBay or Walmart, which can be saved and eventually redeemed for a gift card on WikiBuy. It can also mark reviews and similar products to ensure that you always make the best choice on a particular product.

See the latest offers: SlickDeals

SlickDeals Chrome browser extension that shows great deals on products such as clothing, games and accessories

SlickDeals is already one of the premiere sites where you can find updated offers on all types of products, so it makes sense that the SlickDeals Chrome extension (free) would also be a great resource to help you save money. Supported by a huge online shopping community, SlickDeals gives you the latest deals and coupon codes, and even automatically applies check-in codes at popular retailers like Lowe’s, GAP, Dell, Target, Kohl’s, Walmart and more.

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