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The best Chrome extensions to make Gmail better

Gmail is already pretty good, but with the addition of some carefully selected Google Chrome extensions, you can make it so much more. Here are some of our favorites.

We generally do not recommend using many browser extensions because they can be a nightmare for privacy. Still, it is difficult to resist additions that can significantly improve things for you. We have checked out all these extensions themselves, tested them, looked at their reputation among users, and favors additions that make the source code public whenever possible. Still, learn how to make sure Chrome extensions are safe before using them and using them sparingly.

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[19659002] FlowCrypt is an easy way to make sure all messages you send from your Gmail account get encrypted, to and from with attachments! – Use of PGP encryption. FlowCrypt places a button on the user interface that lets you create a secure message when you click it. When you and the recipient install FlowCrypt, you can send encrypted messages to someone in your contact list, whether or not they have FlowCrypt. If the recipient has FlowCrypt installed, messages are automatically decrypted when opened at the other end. If they do not have it installed, you will need to create a one-time password that you should share not via email, for clear reasons.

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Discovering is like a private eye for Gmail. Whenever you receive an email from an unknown person, they scan the internet, reveal their Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and even LinkedIn to show you who they are. Discovering connects all information from these sites and puts it together to see the person's reciprocal connections, work information and position, and it also shows their tweets.

Note: For information to be displayed, the sender must use the email message they have associated with these accounts.


Did you know that there are keyboard shortcuts for most things you can do in Gmail? Well, KeyRocket helps you learn all the shortcuts by getting you suggestions and shortcuts for actions you regularly make with a subtle notification when you may have used a shortcut instead of a series of mouse clicks. You can even create your own shortcuts if it makes it easier.

KeyRocket is also available for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook from their website.

Sortd for Gmail

Sortd is the first smart skin for Gmail that lets you organize email and tasks. It gives you a smooth and intuitive way to sort and prioritize emails and tasks. It acts as other task management services by adding items to a kind of "to-do list" where you can drag and drop messages into different columns or lists.

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PixelBlock is for those of us who do not agree with all tracking that happens these days when you have read someone's email. The extension notifies you with a red eye on the message to indicate when a tracking attempt has been used to notify the sender if you have opened or read the email.

Checker Plus

Checker Plus for Gmail is great for people who have more than one Gmail account they continually switch back and forth. It uses a useful drop-down menu just inside Chrome along with desktop notifications to make the fastest way to handle multiple emails without having to go to your Gmail inbox URL. Some other features include voicemail while away from the computer, monitor any Gmail or custom labels, and run in the background even when Chrome is closed.


Digify lets you manage the attachments you send to others with complete and complete control. You can send attachments, track who received them and if they were forwarded or enter an expiration date to prevent people from opening it past a certain date. You can also send an attachment and revoke a person's permissions to view a file!

Two amazing features you no longer need extensions for

Some of the best additions are not really add-ons. The two following are web-based applications that give you the same function as an extension without having to download anything to your computer.

Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline is exactly what it sounds like. Gmail offline used to be an extension but is now an integral part of your Gmail experience. With it you can read, reply and even search all your messages without having to connect to the internet. All you have to do is go into your Gmail settings and you're about to show your inbox in offline mode.

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Go to your Gmail inbox, click the setup tools at the top of right and then click "Settings."

Next, click "Offline" on Click "Activate offline mail". Select the settings you want to enable, and then click "Save Changes."

Depending on the settings you selected, Gmail now stores everything for up to 90 days on your computer for you to access without an internet connection.

Right menu menu in Gmail

One of Gmail's new features lets you right-click on a message to display a context menu with options to choose from, including responses, archives, delete, and mark a message read, etc. This is something that missing from the web interface for quite some time and until recently only three options had been deleted: delete, archive and mark as read. While this is a simple update, it will be a way to make your life much easier when it comes to email messages in your Gmail inbox.

Users should start seeing this feature soon, as it is slowly reported for personal Gmail accounts.

These are just some of the many great extensions available in the Chrome Store. Do you have a favorite supplement we did not mention? Leave it in the comments below.

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