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The Best Cooperative Board Games for Your Next Game Night – Review Geek

  Friends playing board games in an illuminated living room
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Not all gaming experiences must be competitive. Some of the best table games out there require you to work together to succeed. Here's a look at the best cooperative board games.

We have checked out a wide range of different types of board games. There is room for a challenge, family games, good storytelling, as well as quick sessions that only take a few minutes to complete. And of course it is also extremely fun. Here are some of our favorite cooperative board games.

Best Challenging Collaboration Games: Pandemic ($ 24)

  Pandemic Board Game
Z-Man Games

Pandemic is not an easy game to succeed, but it's a lot of fun in the meantime. You and your teammates are the last defense that stands in the way of deadly diseases and you have to travel the world together to treat infections while trying to detect a cure.

Each session takes about an hour or so, and it is actually an urgent feeling of urgency. After all, who wants to run out of time and look at torment dries everyone out, right? Strategy and a bit of luck play a role here, because you use time course skills and sharp thinking to try to succeed. Spoiler Warning: It's not easy.

Best Family Collaboration: Forbidden Island ($ 18)

  Forbidden Island Board Game

A little more family-friendly than Pandemic, Forbidden Island has 2 to 4 players working together to find four sacred treasures from the island's ruins . A mix of strategy and problem solving is required here, and it is actually quite smart.

You have to use a combination of cards to stop the Forbidden Island from sinking while exploring it with your mission ending in defeat if you don't "do it in time. There is endless playability here with random game cards and cards, and the ability to adjust the severity.

Best for horror fans: Treason at House on the Hill ($ 30)

  Treason at the House on the Hill Board Game
Avalon Hill

Ideal for horror fans, treason at House on The Hill tells a bulky story, focusing on 3 to 6 players, there are several scenarios, as well as another layout for each game, so you have plenty of excuses to keep coming back for more.

It takes some time to figure out and set up but It is extremely satisfying to look at when the "house" grows and monsters and pieces evolve, it is about exploring the board you are building with some unpleasant surprises. For those who are a little cautious about the occult or voodoo, this is not a good idea, but for everyone else it is fun to see how the house grows differently every time. Just think of yourself if you manage to survive.

Best narrative game: T.I.M.E. Stories ($ 48)

  T.I.M.E. Stories Board Game

Probably the most beautiful appearance board game here, T.I.M.E. Stories also tell an amazing story as well. Players become timetables that have been sent to various reality bodies in an attempt to fulfill certain tasks. Think Quantum Leap (but less cheesy) and you're not far away. Everything is focused on ensuring that you do not destroy the universe's fabrics while attaining your goals.

Because of such creativity, a certain role-play is encouraged, but it is not necessary if you do not feel in the mood for it. Instead, you can spend your time fighting evil, charming characters you meet and doing so much more. Sounds amazing open, right? Yup, it's about right. Just be aware that each session takes a couple of hours so this is more a commitment than any other option.

Best Fantasy Combat Game: Gloomhaven ($ 95)

  Gloomhaven Board Game
Cephalofair Games

] Gloomhaven is a great, sustained world of diverse motifs, tactical struggle and the kind of things that will immediately strive for fantasy collectors (hi there, games of thrones addicts). It's not cheap, it's not a game that takes minutes to complete, and it's a bit complicated, but the boy is rewarding.

Players take on the role of mercenary, explore distant corners of the world and work together to clear the dungeon and ruins in an effort to become stronger and more powerful. Think Diablo, board game style. Due to its pure ambition, it is made with multiple game sessions in mind. Each session takes a couple of hours but expects to continue back for more. It requires commitment from your team, and it will not appeal to more casual players, but it is worth investing time.

Best Couple Games: Code Name Duet ($ 14)

  Code Name Duet Board Game
Czech Games [19659003] Date Night and you just want to do something other than watching a movie? Buy Codenames Duet and you can have fun working together to identify secret agents based on a world clues. It's as simple as that, but that doesn't mean that.

The purpose of the game is to reveal all 15 agents in time without charging too many innocent companions along the way. It means strong teamwork skills as well as some good deduction skills, but it is a blast. It won't take long to learn either and every game is fast, so it's perfect for a quiet night with your partner. There is little risk of becoming too competitive, either as you work together.

Best Fast Game: 5 – Minute Dungeon ($ 15)

  5 - Minute Dungeon
Spin Master Games

Many of the games here take a long time to play through. 5 – Minute Dungeon is not so, because if it were, it would not deserve the name 5-Minute Dungeon.

A fantasy-based card game, you work together to use quick thinking and teamwork to defeat monsters, overcome obstacles and escape dungeons. In 5 minutes. Seriously. It may sound unlikely, but it's really the case, with an app timer that guarantees you don't go over that limit.

Predictably it is chaotic sometimes but in an incredibly fun way. Each card is important on its own path, and the increased pressure on time means you learn to think fast if you want to succeed. It's a bit expensive already out there.

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