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The best foam mattress Toppers for your uncomfortable bed – Review Geek

Everyone must use a mattress. But sometimes you end up with the most horrible, painful, evil mattress. Why not soften it with a foam mattress top?

If your bed is so bad that you relate to the evil track on the spiritual level, you might have to skip our look at toppers and jump straight into getting a brand new budget-worthy foam mattress. If you just need to refresh the one you have, let's dig.

Foam mattress tops can come in different thicknesses and densities, but they all aim to make your bed more comfortable by adding a little pillow and support. When you are sick on your uncomfortable mattress, you can save a lot of money by buying a top mattress instead of a brand new mattress. A top can even extend the life of your mattress by spreading body weight, a good bonus that anyone can appreciate.

But it can be difficult to find mattress tops that suit you. Some mattress toppers are incredibly soft and thick, to the point that your entire body can sink deep into its shady goodness. But if you like to sleep on a surface that is a little more supportive, then you want to find a mattress top that is on the thin side or one that is made with layers of different densities.

Fortunately, we have done some of the work for you. Here are our favorite mattress toppers, from super-plush to super-supportive. We have listed the queen size price for these mattress toppers, but almost all are available in other sizes ̵

1; you will of course pay a little more for a king size and a good bit less for a twin. [19659006] Sleep Innovations 4 Inch Gel Tops With Quilt Cover ($ 152)

If you have a very horrible mattress, you might want to get a super deep mattress tops. Sleep Innovation's 4-inch tops are deep enough to completely transform your mattress. And it is made of a skin of gel memory that conforms to the shape of your body and soaks away your excess body heat. No longer waking up in sweat!

This Sleep Innovation top is 4 inches thick and comes with a 2-inch padded lid. There is an extra 6-inch on top of your mattress. The quilted hood is a bit denser than the gel-top, so it can gently diffuse a little of your weight and add some extra support for the back.

A superplush mattress tops may not be right for everyone. If you need a firmer top, you want to look elsewhere. This is for people who are obsessed with softness.

Tempur-Pedic Supreme 3-inch Topper ($ 347)

Some people do not want to sink into their mattress. If you have problems with your back, or if you just want some more support from your mattress, you need to find something that is a little tight. Tempur-Pedic mattress tops are made from a memory foam that supports your body, rather than consuming it. It also comes with a soft allergen-resistant lid, a good alternative to the heat-absorbing plastic covers that usually come with mattress toppers.

Tempur-Pedic brand mattress toppers cost a lot of money. I mean, this mattress tops cost about $ 200 more than any of our other favorite toppers. But it is a good peak from a company with great experience in the field – and hey, you get some of the Tempur-Pedic goodness without buying the entire mattress.

LUCID 2-inch Ventilated Mattress Tops ($ 83)

If you're looking for a mattress top that is plush but not too thick, you should check out the 2-inch LUCID mattress tops. It is made of a memory foam material, and it has a lot of small holes for ventilation and weight distribution. Who said you needed "cool" to keep things cool?

This is a stylish and affordable mattress tops. It's not too thick, so it's a good way to get some extra support for your back without breaking the bank. But if you need a super thick mattress tops with all kinds of bells and whistles, you have to look elsewhere.

UTTU 3-inch red respiratory vented tops ($ 170)

Uttu is a unique mattress tops, and it does a great job that stands out in this dog, eats the dog world. It is 3 inches thick and it is made with a double-sided design that is feeling too dense or two plush. The bottom layer is a deep, soft foam that diffuses and distributes the body weight without much resistance. The thin top layer is a little denser, and it gives you some extra support. Oh, and both layers are ventilated, so you won't wake up in sweat.

This is a good mattress for people with back problems or for people who have a particularly uncomfortable mattress. It is thick enough to turn your mattress, but it is designed to keep you comfortable and supportive.

Pure Green 2-inch 100% Natural Latex Tops ($ 130)

Memory foam is a stylish product that can help many people. But it is made of petrochemicals that can take a toll on the environment, and many people are not quite comfortable with all the chemicals pumped into the toppers to keep them flame retardant, fragrant and stain resistant.

Fortunately, there are natural alternatives to memory foam mattress toppers. Brands like Pure Green make their mattress toppers from latex foam, a durable foam that retains its shape and stays calm.

This is a relatively inexpensive way to add some pillow to the bed and you can sleep better and know what your mattress tops are made of. Just keep in mind that latex mattress toppers are a bit denser than memory foam toppers, and if you have latex sensitivities you want to avoid the category completely.

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